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Is Apto the Right CRM for Your Commercial Real Estate Agency? (Review)

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Apto is one of many real estate CRMs on the market. But is it the best fit for your commercial real estate agency?
Apto CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) app made for commercial real estate agents. The app’s developers spent a lot of money developing its features and marketing to commercial real estate brokers. Having access to a lot of capital doesn’t mean that Apto is the right option for you, though. Make sure you learn about the CRM before you make any commitments.

Apto’s Features and Pricing

Apto offers a long list of features that commercial real estate brokers might find useful. But this comes with a learning curve. Getting the most out of Apto CRM often means that you have to spend hours learning about the app’s more obscure features. The basic features, however, are fairly intuitive for agents who have previous CRM experience.

Apto Features

Apto gives you a suite of features that let you:

  • Organize your data and provide a single source of truth to act on later.
  • Create strategic lists that you can filter by market, loan maturity, and lease expiration.
  • Build custom dashboards for tracking performance, scheduling meetings, and paying commissions.
  • See past interactions with potential clients to help you plan future engagements.
  • Stay connected with your team with streamlined communication.
  • Learn more about best practices and marketing tactics with Apto CRM’s award-winning blog.
  • With predictive analytics, give priority to deals that are most likely to close.


Apto CRM has a single membership option. The plan costs $129 per user per month. You gain access to the CRM, Prospecting Console, Deals, Property Sites, and one standard data migration.
A Pro membership was previously available and cost $149 per user per month. The Pro plan gave you access to all of Apto’s features and promised a support response time of under 24 hours as opposed to 48 hours with their Basic package. However, this Pro package no longer appears on Apto’s website, and there are no longer any claims to wait times for support.
Apto CRM also offers a data add-on package for $50 per user per month. Complex data migration services are also available, but users need to call for a quote based on the size and scope of data.
Some Apto users complain that the CRM does not follow its promised response times. Read the review “Decent Product With Terrible Customer Service” below to learn more about one user’s experience.

Pros and Cons of Using Apto

Apto’s pros and cons will vary depending on what you expect from the app. A consensus from users shows the following advantages and disadvantages.

Apto Advantages

  • Makes it easy to organize contacts.
  • Tracks engagements with existing and potential clients.
  • Integrates with most commercial real estate databases.

Apto Disadvantages

  • Clunky interface that takes time to learn.
  • Requires input from all agents to track interactions accurately.
  • Slow response times from customer support.
  • Some features have steep learning curves that will prevent agents from using them.

What Apto Users Say About the CRM App

Learning what Apto users say about the CRM app will help you make an informed decision. The following reviews come from real Apto users who posted their comments on Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot.

Great If Your Whole Team Commits to Using It

Kevin D., Vice President of Office Services at a commercial real estate agency, writes that Apto “has been helpful to organize our clients and track communication.” His review on Capterra also points out that Apto’s interface is a bit clunky and that “if your team doesn’t fully commit, it’s hard to see the full results of your efforts.” Without full engagement from your team, Apto could cause more problems than it solves.

Decent Product With Terrible Customer Service

On the G2 site, an enterprise Apto user offers a different perspective. This reviewer likes that Apto lets users control how much detail they get. On the other hand, they complain that Apto has terrible customer service. Specifically, “what should be a 10-minute call takes a week to resolve. It’s insane.” The user must have had a challenging experience.
Another user on G2 notes that “having to wait 24 hours before getting an answer to a question really slows down the process of getting things done.” This reviewer wished there was a chat function on the website so that they could receive quick responses to their issues.

Useful, but Not Intuitive

Litsa Milonas, a reviewer on Trustpilot, says that Apto “is not very intuitive, and some of the most confusing parts of it are locked for customization.” Despite frustrations, Milonas writes that her company will continue using Apto “since we’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money into it.” She hopes that support will improve to meet her needs.

Alternatives to Apto

Plenty of software companies develop CRM tools designed to meet the needs of commercial real estate brokers. Some of the most popular alternatives to Apto include:

  • ClientLook, a commercial real estate CRM that lets users outsource tasks like scheduling, data entry, and updating contact info.
  • amoCRM, a low-cost messenger-based sales CRM designed for all companies, not just real estate brokers.
  • Rethink, a CRM that gives you access to property listings and prospect management tools.
  • AscendixRE, a CRM developed for lease brokers involved in leases, commercial mortgages, retail space, and property management.
  • ProspectNow, a feature-rich CRM with the nation’s most complete database and industry-leading analytics. Read on for more information.

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