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Everything you need to know: Buying a pre-foreclosure house

Pre-foreclosures are often great deals for real estate investors and home buyers as they often sell below the market. It is an excellent opportunity to obtain a home below market value. Investing in the pre-foreclosure market tends to eliminate some competition because pre-foreclosures aren’t advertised, but you must become skilled in discovering the opportunities or […]

Commercial Lease vs. Residential Lease: 5 Key Differences

Though commercial and residential leases both are written contracts for the use of real estate and share some common features, the two differ in several significant ways. If you work in either or both areas of real estate, then you should understand the five key differences between a commercial lease and a residential rental agreement. […]

How to Get LLC Information

How to Get LLC Information As a commercial real estate professional, finding new and motivated leads is at the center of what you do. Connecting with owners and decision-makers allows you to build your network and find opportunities for CRE investments. What happens, however, when properties are owned by an LLC? In many cases, this method of […]

The 10 Most Unaffordable Areas in the U.S.

Anyone who has lived in (or visited) some of the United States’ largest metro areas can attest to a certain common experience: they are expensive. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco continually top the lists as some of the most expensive places to live or play. In fact, the most recent release […]

Everything You Need to Know About Seattle Property Tax

Purchasing a home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest comes with a long list of benefits. Nearness to the water, the mountains, rainforest, and city—all within driving distance—are just a few of the bonuses of Seattle living. When it comes to property tax, however, Washington State has one of the most complex systems, evaluating tax based […]

Watch Out for These 13 Environmental Hazards

When it comes to staying safe and remaining healthy, there are the obvious things we do every day to protect ourselves, such as looking both ways before crossing the street, paying attention as we descend the stairs, and watching out for ice in the wintertime. But other hazards that affect us as well, most of […]

How to Invest In Opportunity Zones

The real estate industry provides investors with numerous opportunities to draw huge benefits. If you are ready to implement your investment strategies appropriately, then there is no doubt of succeeding in the sector. For instance, opportunity zones are a significant investment that commercial and residential real estate agents should focus on.  They come in handy with various […]

What to do When Selling a Home With Negative Equity

When your home value falls below the amount you still owe on your mortgage, this is considered negative equity—or an underwater mortgage. There are many reasons a home can fall into negative equity, including damages to the property, a declining real estate market, or a high loan-to-value ratio. In many cases, negative equity is simply […]

Property Owner Search: How to Go Beyond What’s Public

Property ownership is a matter of public record. Visit your local county assessor’s office—or in some cases, their records are now online—and you should be able to track down a property owner’s name using a parcel number or street address. When it comes to pursuing real estate leads, however, especially commercial real estate opportunities, the […]

10 States With the Lowest Property Taxes

If you are in the market for a new home, then you might want to consider the amount of property taxes you will need to pay. When calculating how much you can afford to buy, you’ll need to factor in property taxes along with the mortgage, utilities, insurance, and other costs of homeownership. Where you […]