5 Ways to Stay Relevant with Past Clients to Win Referrals

Many of the leads that are generated as a real estate agent come from referrals from past clients. Even though a transaction has completed doesn’t mean that your relationship with the client ends there, especially if you want them to come back to you for their real estate needs and if you want them to […]

Sales Scripts: Not Just for New Agents (and How to Land the Listing)

  Sales scripts certainly help new real estate agents. But sales scripts also can save even the most seasoned real estate agent time and help them land more listing appointments, which in turn lead to more sales. Why? Because having a solid sales script brings confidence in your sales efforts since you will know what to say, […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling in 2019

Cold calling is easily one of the most time consuming and stressful parts of working as a real estate agent. Maybe you feel you will encounter a gatekeeper or maybe you don’t think you have enough information to land a meeting – no matter the reason you are fearful of cold calling, there are ways […]

6 Sales Prospecting Strategies Most Agents Have Never Tried

Sales prospecting is often one of the biggest challenges real estate agents face simply because it’s time consuming. The hard truth is that if you continue to take the same approach as every other agent, you will not stand out or accomplish more than they do when it comes to gaining new clients. If you […]

Winning Expired Listings: 4 Tips for New Agents

The MLS contains many expired listings, and each is a true opportunity to gain a new client and land another closing. For sellers, it can be frustrating to go through the process of putting a home on the market only for it to sit on the market and not sell – this just gives you […]

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Leads in a Digital World

When building a successful real estate business, it’s important to maintain healthy relationships with your prospects and clients, especially in a technology-driven world where there is less face-to-face interaction. So how can you build relationships with leads in a digital world? Let’s find out. Send Drip Marketing Campaigns People check emails constantly, which makes it […]

Know These 4 Things BEFORE You Go Into Your Next Listing Appointment

Before you head into your next listing appointment, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that you are prepared and ready for game time. When you meet with a potential client, you need to put your best foot forward and showcase your highest level of professionalism. As you schedule a new […]

Brokers: Motivate Your Team with These 4 Best Practices

Real estate is a competitive industry and your team of brokers should be working together, not competing against each other. A clear way to help you establish and build the best real estate team of brokers is to motivate them to work effectively in tandem with each other. Inspire your team to put forth their […]

5 Smart Ways Agents Can Improve Their Prospecting Calls

Prospecting calls have one goal: to convert the potential client into an actual client. Whether you love prospecting via phone or not, as a real estate agent it is one of the biggest parts of your job so it’s important that you are at the top of your game every time you pick up the […]

5 Residential Real Estate Blogs to Follow Today

The web is full of content that can help real estate agents up their game and close more sales. There are plenty of blogs to reference for real estate agents just starting out or in the prime of their careers. Let’s take a look at five residential real estate blogs to follows today. Bigger Pockets […]