5 Ways to Successfully Prospect via Email

Email is still a powerful medium for marketing to your prospects despite the proliferation of social media and website lead generation. It has long been the main form of communication on the internet and even with messenger and chat options, e-mail is still the communication method of choice in business.

Your e-mail prospecting strategy will dictate whether or not your e-mails get read and acted upon or they just get deleted. But there are some easy things that you can incorporate into your strategy that will help you land more contracts via e-mail.

 Making your connections meaningful is the fundamental goal of your e-mail prospecting strategy. Getting an e-mail address and sending an e-mail is just the first step. What will make them see your e-mail, open it, and then follow through with some sort of action is a well written prospecting e-mail. Here are 5 useful tips for developing your strategy.

#1: Answer the question – “Why should I use your services?”

Most importantly, don’t dilly dally. The subject line of your e-mail should at least get your prospect’s attention by focusing the subject on them and not you. Tell them why they should open your e-mail in a way that is quick and to the point.

#2: Direct the conversation but make it a personalized one.

You know all of the facts about your prospect’s region. You have all of the information that they need to boost their sales. You are ready to give them your best pitch. But if you aren’t careful, your pitch could begin to sound like a telemarketing call.

Make your pitch personalized. Don’t jump right into your sales pitch. Start a conversation first. Answer a question in your e-mail that you know will get their attention that is directly related to their particular business. That way you show off your expertise and you show that you are focused on serving them.

#3: Show them that you are serious with a one-two pitch.

When you call and get your prospect’s voicemail leave a message. Then follow up immediately after you hang up with an e-mail. Now you’ve shown your prospect that your e-mail to them was part of a direct pitch to them. This is not some spam advertising but you are a real person looking to offer quality service to them.

#4: Give them something of value.

Now that you’ve got their attention with your headline and you’ve demonstrated immediately that you have something important to tell them, give them something of value. Create a proposal detailing what you would do for them, demonstrating that you have already done your research on them specifically and have unique solutions for them.

#5: Don’t forget to make “the ask.”

In an e-mail campaign it’s easy to get caught up in building great content into the body of the message that you forget to make “the ask.” Remember, you want them to finish reading your e-mail and when they reach the bottom of it, to take an action. Make your goal clear – sign up for our newsletter or view our properties – and make it personal.

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