5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Network Fast


Are You a Realtor? ProspectNow Can Help You Grow Your Network Fast

You may already have discovered just how tough it is to get listings if you’re a new real estate agent. As you’re trying to adjust to a brand-new career and endlessly inundated with information, you’re trying to learn how to get real estate listings faster.

Finding a lead is the first step to getting a listing, and there are several ways to go about it such as networking or asking your broker if you work at an agency. In most cases, you’ll be competing with other local agents to get that listing. In July 2021, nearly six million homes were sold in the United States—the listings are out there. How do you get them?

How to Get Real Estate Listings: 5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Network Fast

So, how do you set yourself up as the leading agent? More importantly, how can you get to those sellers before they even list their properties?

1. Networking in Your Sphere

When you’re thinking about how to get real estate listings, consider everyone you see or talk to on a pretty regular basis. A good percentage of homebuyers find an agent through a referral from a family member, friend or another social connection—same with sellers. Some ways you can generate leads include:

  • Chatting with professionals in your area. Roofers, landscapers, dry wallers and painters always know the details on local homeowners getting their homes ready for sale.
  • Connecting with family or friends. Since you probably already see them regularly, ask who they know that’s looking to sell. Always make it clear you’re ready to help.
  • Make friends with listing agents. These agents often have listings outside their market they’d be willing to share for a commission percentage.

2. Networking Outside Your Sphere

After you speak with the people you already know, move on to those you don’t know. While personal connections are always more motivated to work with someone they already know, networking with people outside your circle offers limitless potential. Strike up a conversation with your neighbors, people at events, or even cold-calling prospects, as apprehensive as you might be.

Nurture the relationships you build. Warmed-up leads are wonderful, but it doesn’t mean these connections will actually hire you at some point. Probably more than any other industry, personal connections are essential in real estate. These are important decisions in life concerning large financial assets—people need to trust you. Frequently checking in and sending small gifts or tokens of appreciation for the relationship can go a long way towards proving the relationship matters to you.

3. Ask Your Agency Broker

If you work in a real estate agency, don’t be shy to talk to your broker regarding how to get real estate listings and start building a pipeline. Chances are your broker has contacts that might be gathering dust. This is an advantage for you—a warm lead that already knows your agency. Call these previous clients and introduce yourself. Let them know you’re new to the agency. Some of these past clients might be ready to sell. And with 86 percent of homebuyers purchasing a previously owned home, the market is ready made.

4. Contact FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)

Often, there’s a reason why a homeowner sells their home themselves, such as wanting to get more from the sale, not having to pay commission, or just a desire to handle the transaction without a middleman. Jumping on an FSBO property a couple of days after they put up the sign might not get you very far, but if you notice a home that’s been for sale for a couple of months or more, the homeowner might be a little more receptive to partnering with you. With an FSBO homeowner, your best course of action is to stay in touch on a semi-regular basis, offering information that helps them—. If they decide to list, they’ll call you first.

How to get real estate listings pro tip: Consider creating an email list from the contacts you already have and send monthly newsletters with community news and events, and updates on the local market. In the signature of your emails, you can respectfully ask for referrals. Hosting meet-and-greets regularly is another great way to connect. Ask others to join you for a casual happy hour, cookout, or luncheon.

5. Get Off-Market Listings

One trick to getting a listing is to be the first agent to it. But with so many agents competing for listings, how do you get there first? The trick is getting off-market listings—listings that are upcoming, but whose owners haven’t chosen an agent yet. In some markets, agents work together by alerting each other regarding potential deals. Brokerages often release soon-to-be listings to agents a couple of weeks before they actually hit the MLS. Working with other well-connected agents as you learn the ropes can get you on the inside track to potential opportunities.

But what do all the above scenarios have in common?

You weren’t the first agent to find the lead!

That’s where ProspectNow comes into play.

How ProspectNow Can Help

ProspectNow uses predictive analytics to identify homeowners who may sell their homes in the future, known as our Likely Seller algorithm.

When you reach out to these likely sellers, they may not even realize they’re ready to sell yet, but you’ll have been the first agent to reach out. When the homeowner realizes all the reasons why they’re ready, you’ll be the first agent they call.

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