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3 Reasons You Don't Need a Script When Cold Calling Prospects

The cold call is a time-honored way to find new opportunities and clients, but like many long-standing practices, we sometimes view it very narrowly. Methods for cold calling can differ; how the task is accomplished is up to you. For many of us, there’s a certain level of security in

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8 Ways to Successfully Prospect via Email

Digital marketing is about a number of different online mediums. But don’t let prospecting via email get lost in the shuffle. This may be the original form of online marketing, but it’s nonetheless still one of the most effective ways to market any business. Eighty percent of business professionals rely

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10 Actionable Tips for CRE Agents New to Prospecting

For many in CRE, prospecting is among the least appealing routine task. Still, this activity is our bread and butter. It keeps the pipeline full and generates countless connections and referrals. Prospecting is critical, but it needn’t consume your days. Like any aspect of your work it can be streamlined

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5 Ways to Effectively Speed Up Your CRE Sales Cycle

CRE sales involve monitoring listings, prospects, and transactions at a variety of stages. It’s always desirable to speed up the process wherever possible, and how we find and deal with prospects is one area where much can be done. Identifying potential customers could be a full-time job. The tools we

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The Effective Use of Social Media in CRE Business

Sometimes you have to spend time to save time. This holds true for many aspects of the commercial real estate business, and brand building is certainly no exception. It is well worth your while to invest some time in making others familiar with whom you are and what you do.

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4 Tips for Marketing Your CRE Property to Investors

With technology developing at a furious rate, our options for marketing in CRE are expanding daily.  Investors are becoming more and more sophisticated, with access to tools of their own for verifying information and comparing properties. Reaching this niche of buyers requires a marketing strategy that provides a clear picture

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5 Ways Technology is Fueling Increased Productivity in CRE

For the last half-decade, developments in technology tools for CRE have been coming at a rapid pace. New digital solutions are addressing problems we’ve faced for years, as well as new ones created by our changing industry. Adoption of appropriate devices and software improve efficiency, accuracy, security, access, and transparency.

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Don't Be a Spammer: 7 Tips for Prospecting via LinkedIn

Social media governs a lot of the decisions people make these days. People give great consideration to comments left by previous customers on business sites. A survey from the NAR showed that 42% of all homebuyers started their search online in 2015.  The influence of online information has never been

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