Property Shark Review

Gone are the days of manually pulling comps and searching endless records of properties to figure out your next move. The complexities of real estate are by no means gone, but with today’s powerful analytical tools, professionals like yourself no longer have to pour hours into searching and researching. Of course, knowing which tools to use is critical to your success. PropertyShark is one that might come up in your search, but is it worth the hassle?

Overview of PropertyShark

PropertyShark claims to have comprehensive property data for homes and businesses across the nation. However, it seems as though they are quickly being outpaced by other solutions that are more oriented on professional applications.

With the recent overhaul, the platform expanded to be more appealing to non-professional users. The update did declutter and simplify the overall interface, but existing users say it is now less effective for real estate professionals, investors, and others looking to perform in-depth research. Here’s a look at what the platform offers.

PropertyShark Features

  • See maps of properties in the platform along with recorded owner information.
  • Get property photos and comparable listings if you opt for the Pro tier or higher.
  • Foreclosure and pre-foreclosure information is available for the Elite tier or higher.
  • Unlock People Search and Branded Market Reports at the highest tiers.

PropertyShark has a slew of features, although many complain that the pricing does not include everything you’d typically need–at least not at the lower tiers. To access the majority of the features that PropertyShark boasts about, you’ll have to opt for Pro, Elite, or higher with plans going up to $199.95/month to access all of the features.

User Testimonials

TrustPilot gives PropertyShark a high overall rating, but many users frown upon recent upgrades. One of the top reviews, having just been posted June 2019, discusses the new comparable tool. PropertyShark took away some of its features and made it “more user-friendly” but less functional. The user concluded, “I guess PropertyShark is expanding to [a] market [other than] professional. Don’t subscribe if you are [a] professional user.”

Jonathan Held agreed that PropertyShark could be a useful resource, but even as a veteran user, he feels his opinions and suggestions have gone unheard. “For years … I have been suggesting that Propertyshark acquire NYC’s collection of 1930’s Tax Lot photos,” even with New York City being one of PropertyShark’s major focal points.

With this aside, another review summed up the challenges he faced with the platform and made some worthy suggestions: “Nassau County and Suffolk County are limited, lots of misspelling on the people’s names and company names. It needs to be more streamlined like LAVAMAP. I need hyperlinks for taxes and zoning. The worst are the comparables, there is no way of knowing which house is renovated or needs renovation.”

PropertyShark Pricing

PropertyShark allows you to get one property report for free to test out the service. If you only need access to data from one state, like Idaho, you can get started with the “Express” plan for as low as $19.95/month. However, the monthly pricing does change depending on the state you select. Some states, like California, have multiple tiers available, starting at $34.95/month.

If you opt for the site-wide plan, the pricing starts at $59.95/month for the Express tier, which gives you access to 150 property records per month, information on recorded owners, maps, and mailing/data lists. Other information, like verified phone numbers, is only available in certain areas and for the higher tiers. The platinum tier is required to unlock the “People Search” feature.

Alternatives to PropertyShark

ProspectNow is one of the top alternatives to PropertyShark, offering a user-friendly platform that’s bundled with countless intuitive features. Here’s a look at how it compares.

ProspectNow Features

  • Detailed information for over 100 million residential properties, 40 million CRE properties, and 30 million companies. Includes an LLC database and owner contact information.
  • Predictive analytics allow you to identify off-market properties that are most likely to sell while giving you the contact information for the property owner.
  • Digital marketing and direct mail tools allow for each, time-saving outreach campaigns that demand results.
  • APIs and a download-enabled interface allow you to integrate your systems with the data provided by ProspectNow.

One of the primary advantages of using ProspectNow is the predictive algorithm, which focuses on all property types and uses comprehensive data to forecast potential listings. The guided search feature is also highly praised as it makes finding prospective properties extremely quick and simple. 

When looking for neighborhoods to market to, the predictive algorithm can identify all the homes in a given area that may go up for sale soon and, with the in-built digital marketing tools, you can easily limit your marketing to a hot neighborhood, saving thousands on advertising and ultimately getting better results with your promotions. 

User Testimonials

James, Senior Regional Account Manager who reviewed ProspectNow on G2 stated: “I like that in less than a minute I can get an entire database of owners in an area I’m targeting … I actually like the interface for prospecting and logging calls. I like being able to look at “How many units,” “Year purchased,” “Lender name,” etc all in the same screen. Every other Commercial Real Estate CRM requires multiple clicks just to see all this information when prospecting.”

Another reviewer from G2 said, “[Y]ou can not beat the analytics you get with Prospect Now. As a residential real estate agent, it shows me data on those neighbors that are most likely to sell in the next home. I can use that information to advertise to just those people. That saves thousands on our marketing budget.”

ProspectNow Pricing

You can start using ProspectNow for free with a 3-day plan that gives you access to the “Likely Seller” algorithm; national company and tenant data; and property searches in one county. You also get 15 credits to export information along with chat and email support.

The no contract Local paid tier is the next step up, offered at $99/month. This plan gives you the same features as the free trial, along with 500 credits to export data. If you need more, you can opt for the Metro plan at $119/month, which includes 9,000 credits and extends your ability to search properties in 1 county to 4 counties.

If you need a plan with team access, API access, and/or additional credits, you can choose a custom-priced plan that’s tailored to fit the needs of your work.

Try It For Yourself

ProspectNow is able to offer professional-grade features at an affordable price. When you consider the marketing tools and other aspects that make this a truly effective pre-CRM software, ProspectNow becomes the obvious winner–but why not see for yourself? With a free trial, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Click here to signup.