Review of offrs

As a real estate agent, your time is a valuable commodity. Chances are high that you would much rather spend your time closing on sales than finding property leads. That’s where leveraging technology can help. To lessen the burden of prospecting for sales leads, several software platforms provide databases and tools designed to find better leads and more easily contact those leads. One such software is offrs.

Overview of offrs

Offrs is a lead generation software that uses predictive analytics to predict which properties are most likely to be offered up for sale in the next 12 months. It is best suited for real estate professionals looking for seller leads on residential properties. The company recently launched a new platform that revolves around various Smart Apps, which includes Territory Builder, based on offrs’ Smart Data.

Offrs requires a minimum six-month contract. Pricing details are no longer available to the public.

What Other Reviewers Say

While some reviewers are pleased with the product and claim they found leads using the software, many are not satisfied and report finding no reliable or viable leads with offrs. Despite company claims of 74 percent accuracy of the predictive analytics used by the platform, several users disagree. Many complain that the data is “grossly” inaccurate, the interface is not user-friendly or intuitive, and cancelling the service is difficult if not impossible. One reviewer warns, “If you want to generate business – this does not work.”

In 2019, the company was acquired by Constellation Real Estate Group and soon after a new version of the platform launched. Several users view the ownership change unfavorably. One real estate agent complains, “Now, they make you pay extra for everything and the leads have a lot of bad information.”

How offrs Compares to Alternatives

Offrs has several competitors, such as ProspectNow. ProspectNow also powers its platform with data from predictive analytics and machine learning. Unlike offrs, ProspectNow is transparent about its pricing and encourages integration with other software systems via use of its API. Additionally, ProspectNow features commercial properties as well as residential, allowing for a more complete picture of the overall real estate market.