5 Tips Real Estate Agents Can Use to Convert Leads Via Email

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools used today. Real estate agents are using emails to connect with clients, seek out new leads, engage their audience with newsletters, promotions and information and of course, turn leads into clients. If you are struggling to convert leads via email, here are five tips you can use to boost your lead conversion.

#1. Use it to Reconnect

One of the best ways email can serve your real estate business is by helping you target pre-qualified leads. If someone visits your website and opts in with their email, their marketing efforts you put into converting this lead are more likely to pay off. Instead of assuming the prospect is not interested because they leave the site, you can now use email to remarket to the prospect, nurturing the lead and then converting them into a client.

#2. Personalize Emails

Email is so effective because there are so many opportunities to personalize the message, making it more likely that a lead will open the email. Use the prospect’s first name in the subject line to make it even more personalized. Personalized emails are 75 percent more likely to be opened and also have higher click-through rates. Not every lead is looking for the same thing, so you need to tailor the message.

#3. Keep the Message Short

Long emails will inevitably be deleted. No one has time to read through paragraphs of text. Keep the message directed, short and targeted. Use bullet points to get the message across. Try to include visuals if possible and make sure your contact info is bold and easily accessible. Don’t waste time including fluff and excess information.

#4. Send Emails at Different Times

One way to help convert leads via email is to make sure you are sending emails at the appropriate times so the lead sees it and opens it. Sending an email late at night, during lunch hours or early in the morning may send the email into a black hole. Try to test out sending emails at various times throughout the day to see when you have the best open and click-through rates.

#5. Insert Open-Ended Questions

If you want a lead to truly convert, you need to engage them in the email. Ask open-ended questions. Don’t just spout out information and expect a lead to engage with you. You have to find out as much information on the lead as you can and tailor this message by asking the right questions. If a lead feels like they are a part of a generic email campaign, they will likely read the message and delete it without reaching out further.

These tips will help you convert leads into clients via email. The biggest takeaway is to keep the email messages targeted and specific to the lead.

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5 Email Examples for Staying Top-of-Mind with Clients

Email marketing has been proven to attract prospects and keep real estate agents top-of-mind for both clients and prospects. It’s no surprise that people spend the majority of their workday checking and responding to emails, which is why having the perfect email campaigns to send will help you grow your client list and truly reach your audience.

Here are five email examples for staying top-of-mind with clients and helping build rapport.

The Who Email

When it comes to real estate, you want your clients to trust you and feel connected to you. Use this email to let people know who you are. Offer insight into your interests, your specialties, your background and your proven success rate. This is also a great place to include client testimonials.

The What Email

What makes you unique compared to competitors? What can you offer that they don’t? Clients want to work with people who they feel truly understand their wants and needs. Give them an overview of what your services are and what you specialize in. Include specific neighborhoods, home sizes, home types, etc. to give a more detailed overview of how you help your clients.

The When Email

Build rapport by giving your clients and prospects valuable information. Give details on events coming up in the area and mention great spots to eat or hang out in surrounding areas. You can also highlight when your upcoming open houses may be and include small photos and descriptions of the homes. You may also send out an email that features events in specific neighborhoods to give a closer look at the community vibes.

The Why Email

This may be the most important email you send to build rapport. This is your elevator pitch – why should they choose you to help them sell their home or purchase their home? This is a great place to highlight a recent closing and give details on the transaction and info on how you helped the customer find their dream home or sell their home.

You can also include testimonials and recommendations in this email as well. This can help turn a prospect into a client – especially if the situation is similar to the prospect’s situation, whether it be needing to sell quickly or wanting to buy a home in a popular neighborhood.

The Trends Email

Send an email with your thoughts on recent trends in the area you work in. Back your opinions up with facts and really do some research to establish yourself as a thought leader in the real estate industry. This will help grow rapport with clients and prospects and will keep you top-of-mind as a resource for all things real estate and market related.

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