6 of the Best Marketing Blogs to Keep You Inspired

It takes a conscious effort to successfully market yourself as a real estate agent. You have to know what to market, how to market and where to market. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are six of the best marketing blogs to keep you inspired. The blogs will keep you informed and inspired so you can be the top real estate agent with the best marketing strategy.


Moz is a leader and resource for learning about SEO. This blog is a hub of resources and even offers a Beginners Guide to SEO along with hundreds of Whiteboard Friday video tutorials. Moz experiments with different content types and both shows and tells visitors how great content can help power their marketing efforts. This is a great example of a marketing blog implementing video marketing.


HubSpot has taught so many people digital and inbound marketing via HubSpot’s blog. Between the years of daily blog content on all things marketing, hundreds of downloadable resources, free marketing courses, free tools and certification, HubSpot basically provides an entire curriculum for people to learn how to market. Every blog hits on a pain point and covers a lot of things like tech trends, marketing news, and just general business advice.


This is another marketing blog that offers far beyond just marketing content. This company offers a lot of effective ways to help improve landing pages and conversion rates. This can help agents get the most out of their websites in order to gain new leads. Their webinars and virtual events have a great reputation and an established community that has now evolved into an in-person conference.


Polymail doesn’t publish as often as many other blogs, but the ones they do publish are full of information that is both inspiring and helpful to marketers and salespeople such as real estate agents. Their quality is truly top notch and everything they publish is full of useful information. Their blog is full of data-packed reports and touches on topics like how long people take to respond to business emails. Polymail assists both prospective and current users with their content and they don’t just share raw data but implement it into meaningful narratives.

RIS Media

RIS Media places a heavy focus on actionable marketing tips in their blog. You can read articles specific to real estate marketing that can guide you through things like community pages and landing pages. If you are looking for marketing advice and tips specific to real estate, this is the blog for you. This is an exceptional blog for those looking to find a real estate mentor.

Easy Agent Pro

The primary goal of Easy Agent Pro is to help people become better real estate agents. They offer actionable tips and tricks to help agents gain more business and they cover everything from real estate marketing ideas to SEO tips to keep your website at the top of the search queue.


6 Marketing Trends to Master Before 2019

There are countless tools and strategies to use to market yourself in the real estate industry. While there are plenty of options for marketing, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Let’s take a look at a few key marketing approaches to master before the new year.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Experiences

One of the biggest challenges with real estate marketing is that consumers want to be able to experience the home in person before engaging deeper. A host of new technologies including virtual and augmented reality are making it easier to show the property to potential buyers in a digital format. For homes in communities that have not been developed yet, real estate agents can market the properties before construction on the home even breaks ground.

Marketing Automation

Are you utilizing your CRM to its fullest? Many CRMs offer automated marketing and will automatically send emails like newsletters, etc. With the right CRM, you can automate tasks like tracking leads, running drip email campaigns and delivering targeted pieces at the right time. The good news is as more of these automated marketing platforms emerge, they will become even more powerful and cost-effective.

Advanced Social Media

Social media is a free platform that has an exponential reach. The opportunities are limitless. Social media is an effective way to market yourself, your properties and your thoughts. Post LinkedIn blogs, share valuable listings via Twitter, market your recently closed transactions via Facebook – there are countless ways to use social media to market yourself to potential and current clients.

Featured-Listing Ads

Digital platforms like Facebook & Google have evolved into pay-to-play platforms for businesses. Real estate specific channels are now beginning to follow this model. Consumers have often looked to sites like Trulia and Zillow to find properties, but now many agents are paying to list their properties prominently on other sites.

The move toward paid placements has allowed Facebook and Google to develop sophisticated tools to help real estate platforms. In 2019, making an investment in featured listings ads will give consumers access to new properties and targeting options that have not been available in the past.


Video is a real estate marketing trend that really emerged in 2017. In fact, 73 percent of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who offers to create a video for them. While photos are useful, they don’t offer the same exposure that a video can. A video can offer consumers neighborhood tours, overview videos the market and testimonials to build trust for potential buyers and sellers.


Drones are a unique way to market listings. For buyers, drone shots offer an opportunity to quickly look at the parameters and surrounding areas of the property. This can help market a property as a whole, including the neighborhood. This gives consumers a unique look at a home from a bird’s eye view.

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4 Ways to Engage Your Sphere Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a slow time for real estate. Many people don’t want to buy or sell a home during the time due to the weather and of course the hustle and bustle of all of the holidays. While this may be a slower time for real estate transactions, you should still be engaging with your sphere over the holidays.

Here are four smart ways to engage with your real estate audience over the holidays.

Holiday-themed Open House

You still have a few listings to push through the holidays, so why not make them a little bit festive? Decorate with little touches of the holiday to bring warmth to the listing and give potential buyers an idea of how cozy this future home could be around the holidays. Don’t go too overboard but bring a little bit of seasonal spirit like strategically placed candles and maybe some quick and subtle Christmas lights. You can also light the fireplace and offer Christmas cookies and apple cider.

Give Back to the Community

As a real estate agent, you are well connected to your community. If you have specific cause you would like to volunteer for or give back to during the holidays, make it known and send out a quick email invitation to have your clients and leads join you. Write a quick blog post about the charity and link the blog post in the email invite. This is a great way for clients to get to know you better and drives traffic to your website.

Winter-Themed Content

The content you push out on your blog and on your social media channels can have a little winter twist to go along with the holidays. Give tips on how to decorate for the holidays, suggest local events for the community to attend, and showcase your listings with a unique holiday-themed social media campaign or email campaign. Use images in your marketing materials that feature homes decorated for the holidays, etc. to keep the merry vibe going.

Sponsor a Local Event

Another great way to engage with your sphere is to sponsor a local event like a holiday market or fun run or really any event that you can connect with your community and sphere. Be sure to look at all of the sponsor benefits and see which events will likely cater to your targeted audience. Can you showcase your real estate services in any way? Can you list your name and agency anywhere in the event’s marketing collateral? These are things to consider when trying to choose an event.

These tips can help you stay top of mind during the busy holiday season. Consumers can be focused on holiday traditions, gifts, and food, but you can also be on their mind if you sponsor local events, push out winter-themed content, give back to your community and even host holiday-themed open houses.

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5 Tips Real Estate Agents Can Use to Convert Leads Via Email

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools used today. Real estate agents are using emails to connect with clients, seek out new leads, engage their audience with newsletters, promotions and information and of course, turn leads into clients. If you are struggling to convert leads via email, here are five tips you can use to boost your lead conversion.

#1. Use it to Reconnect

One of the best ways email can serve your real estate business is by helping you target pre-qualified leads. If someone visits your website and opts in with their email, their marketing efforts you put into converting this lead are more likely to pay off. Instead of assuming the prospect is not interested because they leave the site, you can now use email to remarket to the prospect, nurturing the lead and then converting them into a client.

#2. Personalize Emails

Email is so effective because there are so many opportunities to personalize the message, making it more likely that a lead will open the email. Use the prospect’s first name in the subject line to make it even more personalized. Personalized emails are 75 percent more likely to be opened and also have higher click-through rates. Not every lead is looking for the same thing, so you need to tailor the message.

#3. Keep the Message Short

Long emails will inevitably be deleted. No one has time to read through paragraphs of text. Keep the message directed, short and targeted. Use bullet points to get the message across. Try to include visuals if possible and make sure your contact info is bold and easily accessible. Don’t waste time including fluff and excess information.

#4. Send Emails at Different Times

One way to help convert leads via email is to make sure you are sending emails at the appropriate times so the lead sees it and opens it. Sending an email late at night, during lunch hours or early in the morning may send the email into a black hole. Try to test out sending emails at various times throughout the day to see when you have the best open and click-through rates.

#5. Insert Open-Ended Questions

If you want a lead to truly convert, you need to engage them in the email. Ask open-ended questions. Don’t just spout out information and expect a lead to engage with you. You have to find out as much information on the lead as you can and tailor this message by asking the right questions. If a lead feels like they are a part of a generic email campaign, they will likely read the message and delete it without reaching out further.

These tips will help you convert leads into clients via email. The biggest takeaway is to keep the email messages targeted and specific to the lead.

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4 Ways Agents Can Jazz Up Their Market Reports for More Engagement

When you send an email you want to ensure that you are getting the most exposure possible – especially when sending out market reports. Sometimes these market reports are not as visually-friendly, making them tough to gain traction, but there are ways you can jazz up these market reports for more engagement.

Spice Up the Subject Line

The market report can be the nicest and most educated and informative market report even written, but none of that matters if your email immediately gets deleted because the recipient is uninterested. The key way to ensure your email is opened is to keep the subject line as concise, direct and creative as possible. Perhaps pull out a stat: “Did you know the home prices in Seattle increase by 2% in the first quarter?” This will help grab the recipients’ attention and increase open rates. If possible, try to add in personalization to the subject line by adding in their first name.

Things to avoid in email subject lines include exclamation points and lengthy character counts. Exclamation points can sometimes filter your email into the spam folder and long subject lines will often deter recipients from opening it – especially if they are checking email from their phone. If a subject line looks long on your computer, imagine how overwhelming it will appear on a mobile phone.

Make the Report Shareable

Add share links to your market report so that recipients can easily share them on their social media profiles. They will appreciate having the option to share this key information with their followers or connections and your report will receive more engagement from those not on your email list. You will surprised who may see the report shared on social media and reach out to you for their real estate needs.

Get Creative

Make the market report as visual as possible without it being distracting. Add color to the graphs and charts, bold important stats and try to implement graphics to really illustrate what your report is showing. Help the data by adding color and visuals to draw attention to it. An email full of text will most likely not stand out and will be deleted. If there is a new trend emerging – try to find a photo or something to include to represent this trend in residential real estate.

Include Commentary

Market reports are traditionally data-driven, but if you have an expert, or you are the expert, who can attest to the numbers in the report, have them add commentary so that you can backup your facts with real-life experiences. Bold the quotes and make them stand out.

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5 Ways to Keep Mid-Funnel Leads Engaged

It’s pretty frustrating when a lead is just…stuck. They aren’t a new lead, but they also aren’t taking any action either. So, what can you do to keep the lead engaged? There are a few approaches you can take to get these leads moving and active again. Here are five ways to keep mid-funnel leads engaged.

Initiate Contact

Once you have identified which leads are “stuck” you need to reconnect. A great way to do this is to use a targeted email campaign which only involves creating a quick email in your CRM and then scheduling it out and letting your automation system take over. The email can be as simple or detailed as you’d like and it is an easy way to reconnect and resuscitate these stagnant leads.

Utilize Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn can be an non-intrusive way to reconnect with leads. Send a quick link to an article you think they would appreciate to open up the line of communication again or even post to your account and stay active so that your posts are showing up in this prospect’s feed.

Don’t Spam

A successful rehabilitation of a mid-funnel lead does not include spamming them. Do not just send something irrelevant in order to get in front of them. Send this lead information you truly believe they will find useful and will appreciate. Spamming a lead is the quickest way to kill any chance of turning them into a client.

Determine What Leads are Worth Your Time

You won’t be able to revive all leads stuck in this mid-funnel. You need to decide which leads are truly dead and which ones are just in between. Be careful not to remove leads from your database that may come back in the future and eventually mean business, but also if you have not had a good line of communication thus far, it may be time to push these leads off your radar. Make sure to send quality leads regular updates and keep them in the loop on the market.

Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to reach out to an important lead that may just not be responding to email campaigns. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get that lead active again. Write a personal and original message that is unique to a specific need they have and suggest ways you can help them accomplish this goal. You can also remind them of your experience and direct them to your website or blog. This will get their attention quickly and will make them feel like a true priority.

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Update Your CRE Marketing with Holiday Promotions: 5 Examples

The holidays are always an exciting time to increase your commercial real estate marketing efforts. There are so many unique and fun ways you can implement the holidays into your campaigns. These days of the year, people are more open-minded and willing to try new things. Leverage this altered mindset of consumers by really making an effort to update your CRE marketing with unique holiday promotions. Here’s how:

Host a Spooky Client Appreciation Event

Have some fun and host a fun Halloween client appreciation event. Provide Halloween-themed snacks and drinks and encourage guests to dress up for a fun happy hour. This can help you meet more potential clients and connect with your current clients in a fun and relaxed setting. After all, face to face marketing is the best kind of marketing around.

Thank You Giveaway / Giving Back to the Community

On Thanksgiving, you could do a giveaway to thank your loyal clients. Not only will this help you engage with your clients on a more personal level, but it will also keep you top of mind. A giveaway such as sporting event tickets or concert tickets are great item options. Send out an email asking for testimonials to enter the giveaway and you could add these testimonials to your website!

Another great option for Thanksgiving is to give back to the community and gather a group of clients to volunteer and help those in need. You can share this experience via an email campaign with your clients and prospects to not only help out your community, but also show clients and prospects that you are truly involved in the community you work in.

Holiday Cheer Campaign

On Twitter, you could do a 12 days of Christmas campaign and share unique imagery that relates each day to a commercial real estate trend or statistic. This is a great way to tie in the holiday but also add some fun and cheerful graphics to spice up your timeline. Not only will you spread holiday cheer, but you will also be informing your audience of important information relating to CRE.

New Years Eve Recap

For the New Year, take the time to implement a section in your newsletter to wish your clients and prospects a happy new year, but to also recap any major deals you were involved in throughout the year and any major market statistics you think they may be interested in.

Valentine’s Day Newsletter Love

Show your clients and prospects some love by implementing a client testimonial section into your newsletter to not only showcase your clients, but to also show how appreciative and happy they are with your services. Spread the love and add in a short blurb that details how much you appreciate your clients as well!

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4 Ways to Repurpose Existing Content to Look Like a RE Expert

Sometimes content can be scarce and as a real estate agent, you may not always have the time to round up new and exciting content for your marketing campaigns. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to repurpose existing content and use it to your advantage to create exceptional marketing campaigns that include useful information for your clients and prospects. Here are four easy ways to repurpose existing content to look like a RE expert.

Give Commentary

One of the easiest ways to establish yourself as a real estate expert is to utilize your social media channels such as LinkedIn to share articles and information. If an article is an older article, you can re-vamp it by adding in commentary that relates it to the current time. Not only does sharing the article make you look like a real estate expert, but adding your own thoughts also gives viewers an extra ounce of information from you.

Share News in Your Newsletter

Take a few minutes to search for news articles that speak to commercial real estate for either trends or deals happening in the market. You can include these articles in your newsletter to give recipients a wide range of information on the CRE market that they may find useful. Recipients will appreciate this news brief that offers them information they want and need.  This is an easy way to share information and look like an expert that requires little effort on your part.

Do a Recap

A simple way to repurpose existing content is to do a recap, either for the quarter, month, year or any time period you’d like. This is easy to do as you already have the content – all you have to do is put all of this information into one document to send it out as an email campaign to your mailing list. Recap big deals that happened, focus on trends in the market, add in predictions for the market or even put together a compilation of research reports from your brokerage to include. This email campaign will help you look like an expert all with content that already exists – how much easier does it get?

Make it Visual

A great way to repurpose content is to make it more visual. Add in infographics and photos to add to the content to make it appear new without having to entirely update it. In your newsletter, add a photo with a link to a news story or swap out the photo if you already have one. Statistics show that adding imagery will help boost conversion rates and ultimately will improve your marketing campaign success. You don’t need to change the existing content at all – just add in some flair with exciting images!

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Agents: Bookmark These 10 Sources for Free Stock Photos

There is no better time than now to step up your marketing game. With a new year, you can explore more options for how to improve your marketing technique by making your newsletters, website and email campaigns more visual with free stock photos. We have compiled a list of sites that offer free stock photography for you to make your marketing collateral come to vibrantly come to life.


This site is a dream hub of photos for your website. The site has an easy-to-use search function and the images are absolutely stunning and many do not require any attribution.


This site has a very streamlined layout and has very specifically curated collection of photos. The selection is not terribly large, but the photos included on the site cover a wide range of topics, everything from landscapes to even antiques. You can surely find photography suitable for your newsletters or website on MorgueFile.


Imagebase is a collection of free stock photos that can be freely used for personal, commercial, non-profit, artistic or creative purposes. You can find stock photos of people, nature, cities, and so much more on Imagebase.


There are over 35,000 free stock photos and you don’t even have to register to use them. The site is well-designed, allowing easy and quick access to the photography. The site also has a collection of Photoshop tutorials.


On Fotolia, there is a collection of over 20 million premium royalty-free stock photos for you to use in your marketing pieces. These images are constantly changing and images range in size from 425 x 280 pixels up to 3,400 x 2,300 pixels


Unsplash offers amazing real estate photography that are high quality and completely free to use in any way you’d like. The images are taken by photographers from around the world.

Superfamous Studios

This site offers photography by professional artist, Dutch designer Folkert Gorter. This site is completely free, but the license asks that you attribute any of the photos you use in your marketing campaigns.


New photos are added daily to the site and offers a wide selection of high-quality images to fit a variety of different topics. This is the perfect place to look for photos to include on your website or in a new blog post.


The photos on Freerange come from a pool of both in-house professional photographers and a growing community of outside contributors. There are a lot of options to choose from and the photos are all great quality.


Hubspot noticed there was a shortage of high-quality free stock images available for marketing, so they decided to join in on the fun. You can easily browse through their collection to find the perfect image for your newsletter or marketing campaign email.

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4 Tips for CRE Agents Trying to Excel at Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Hyper-targeted marketing can be the key to your success when working to find and present your message to the ideal prospective sellers in your market. In a technology-driven world, there are so many options for sellers, making the competition fiercer than ever before. Let’s take a look at four tips for CRE Agents trying to excel at hyper-targeted marketing.

Go Hyper-Local

When advertising a new property or any other important update, focus efforts on very specific regions, cities and submarkets. If you have the info available, try targeting clients based in specific zip codes and submarkets, rather than targeting an entire city or suburb. Do some market research and find out what the absorption and vacancy rates are for certain submarkets and try to target those with the most promising numbers. This information will also help you sell that submarket to potential tenants and buyers.

Know the Target Audience

Are you looking to target investors? Small business owners? Perhaps foreign capital? Zeroing in on the desired target audience will help make your communication more effective by ensuring that you are sending the right message that is relevant to the right audience.

Market By Property Type

Hyper-targeting your marketing efforts can also apply to the type of property you are trying to lease or sell, from office buildings to industrial warehouses and even multifamily properties. For example, technology companies may be a great fit for creative office spaces, while a law firm may be seeking traditional office spaces.

Target with Timing

Timing is an important factor in the marketplace in addition to location. Consider the timing of your marketing and communications – are you targeting companies who are looking to move now, in a few months or in the next year? Your timing can mean the difference between a response or no response. Tenants and buyers in the market may have specific timelines – do a little digging and find out when their current lease ends and try to target the timing to align with when they are beginning their commercial real estate property search.

In today’s competitive real estate market, you need to do more than just deliver the right message – you need to reach the right audience. While many prospective clients may be receiving a wide array of info from both competitors, you can stand out from these by letting these potential clients know what you have to offer and how you can help them accomplish their real estate goals. To learn more about hyper-targeted marketing be sure to check out our blog “What is Hyper-Target Marketing and Why Should I Care?”

ProspectNow’s online database of predicted sellers opens up new doors in the world of hyper-targeted marketing, allowing agents access to over 10 million commercial properties nationwide, as well as an in-depth tenant database.

Along with these insights, ProspectNow offers full service contact management, allowing you to generate and manage leads with ease. Start your free trial today to get started!