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Save Time by Searching for Multiple Properties at Once

Real estate professionals often find it convenient to store contact information in Excel spreadsheets. That way, you can organize and manage all of the data you need to close deals. ProspectNow lets you use those spreadsheets to search for multiple addresses simultaneously. You can learn more about searching for multiple addresses at the same time […]

What is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

black and white image of small White House that is run down

Brokers and investors, and even newbie real estate agents, discover foreclosures all the time—but as a new agent, it’ll serve you well in the future to consider short sales. But what is a short sale in real estate? This type of transaction isn’t as easy to find as a foreclosure, but the reward is often […]

How To Build a List of Properties With ProspectNow

Real estate brokers, agents, and other professionals often build property lists to help them manage their outreach campaigns. Knowing how to build a list of properties gives you an efficient way to discover leads, send postcards to owners, and keep track of which owners you’ve contacted. ProspectNow makes it easy to build a list of properties. […]

Create Property Lists With ProspectNow’s Polygon Search

You probably don’t always have an address that you want to learn about when you start generating lead lists. You might not even have a specific ZIP code. ProspectNow’s polygon search feature will help you target certain areas just by drawing shapes on maps. It’s an incredibly simple, yet powerful, way for you to start […]

Real Estate Tips: How to Run an Arizona Property Owner Search

Arizona is a state that beckons to many with its dry, mild winters and stunning landscape, including the Grand Canyon, one of the best-known national treasures. In 2021, the state was once again one of the fastest-growing in the US, adding approximately 269 people per day. The popularity of the state makes it a prime location for […]

How To Find Out Who Owns a Property in Georgia

Many books have been written and songs sung about one of the most talked-about states in the union. Georgia is the home of Atlanta, a business and cultural hub that attracts residents from around the world. In fact, the 2020 Census revealed that the population in Georgia was up 7.4% from the previous decade. An increasingly popular […]

How to Find Out the Names of Tennessee Property Owners

Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful properties in the United States. The landscape of this charming southern state includes mountains, valleys, and coastal plains. You can enjoy the musical history and thriving culture of both Memphis and Nashville when you visit the state. Not to mention the Graceland! Tennessee is both a […]

How to Find Properties with Insurance Renewal Leads

As an insurance professional, you may get some leads from your company, but as you are well aware, most of your solid property insurance leads come from your hard work and community connections. Of course, every broker has their own ways of finding prospective policy buyers, but some methods are effective for everyone. And you […]

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property in North Carolina

You are out for a drive on a sunny afternoon and happen to see a beautiful home, piece of land, or commercial building that is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’d love to take a tour right then and there. The trouble is that you have no idea who owns it. Fortunately, you do […]

Use Letters and Postcards To Connect With Leads

You might think of ProspectNow as a database that uses predictive analytics to help you focus on properties that will likely sell within the next 12 months. ProspectNow certainly has a large, accurate database with features powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The platform also has marketing tools that can help you connect with leads […]