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New Feature Worth Checking Out

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As many of you know, the relentless pursuit of prospecting perfection never ceases here at ProspectNow.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a new feature that can make a big difference in your business.  Many of our customers are listing agents and they focus using ProspectNow to contact building owners who may be interested in selling.  But what about buyer’s agents?  How can they use ProspectNow effectively?
One of the most qualified types of buyers, is the 1031 exchange buyer.  In order to defer taxes, the seller has to identify the replacement property in 45 days and close in 180 days.  Clearly with the increase in capital gains tax, investors are looking for any tax advantage they can get.  This creates a compelling event for the seller to find a replacement property within the timeline.  So if exchange buyers are highly qualified and great leads for buyers agents….how do we find them?
ProspectNow has added the ability for you to get the phone numbers and contact info of the seller of the property now in addition to the current owner.  The key is to find sellers that have just sold in the last 45 days so that they are still in their “identification period”.  Here is a screenshot and the steps:

Click "Contact Seller" for Seller Info
Getting Seller Contact Info


  1. Advanced Search – Recording date from 45 days back to today.
  2. Search
  3. Click on the orange button “Contact Seller” to get the phone number
That’s it!  Hopefully this new feature will help you find and close more property transactions this year. Happy Prospecting!

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