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What is ProspectNow?

For Real Estate Agents and Lenders

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ProspectNow helps you identify properties that are most likely to sell while they are still off market. ProspectNow seller leads help you get the jump on your competition by seeing what might be listed for sale. Why waste time and energy marketing to property owners that will never sell? ProspectNow’s predictive algorithm looks at hundreds of data points each week on properties that are actually selling…then, we apply the characteristics of properties that just sold to properties that have yet to sell.

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What Our Customers Say

Dan Beer – one of the top 150 agents in the US

“What immediately caught my attention was that I could take the area that we currently farm (which is a very large area – over 32,000 homes) and parse it down to the most likely sellers.

Before ProspectNow, my marketing would go out to EVERYBODY and ANYBODY in my farm area. Being able to concentrate on the most likely sellers makes difference between being the most effective you can be, or being just like everybody else.”

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Digital Marketing To Likely Sellers or Refinances

ProspectNow can put your online display ads directly in front of your most likely prospects. Imagine your marketing targeted directly to the most likely sellers or refinances as they browse the internet from their home or place of business.

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Who is using ProspectNow?


Jason Spaits

Northwestern Equity Real Estate

ProspectNow has been an invaluable tool and has enabled us to obtain six listings in the first six weeks of using the platform. If you want to create targeted audiences, that actually convert, I highly recommend you start using ProspectNow.


Dave Silberstein

Meacham Oppenheimer

I can’t believe how effective ProspectNow is. I have picked up 4 listings in the last 2 weeks using this product.

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