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3 Things To Do Immediately After You Set an Appointment

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Real estate agents are always looking to make their next appointment and focusing all of their energy on getting those appointments, and in turn neglecting the steps that should be taken after setting the appointment. Immediately after you make an appointment with a client make sure you are doing these three things to ensure that your meeting is successful and beneficial for both you and the client.
Send an Invitation
Technology is vital in setting and managing appointments. Whether you use Google or Outlook, it’s important that you send the client an invitation to the appointment thanking them for their time and telling them that you are looking forward to meeting with them.
This will remind yourself and the client when the appointment is and can help you manage multiple appointments. This tool can help you communicate more efficiently with clients and keep your own schedule neat and organized. Following up is a huge key to having a successful appointment and ensuring that you don’t face cancellations that could hinder your sales.
Sending Advanced Information
Gather marketing collateral and information documents to send to the client before the appointment so that they can review and learn more about what will be discussed during the appointment and perhaps anything they may need to bring to the meeting. Sending advanced information helps you and the client better prepare for the appointment and helps keep both of you organized.
Just as you want to learn about your client, your client will want to learn about you, too. Send anything you think may be beneficial to the client for the appointment, but don’t clog up their inbox.
Gather Sales Intelligence
Learn about who your client is and what their goals are. Find out who your client’s audience is and find out specific key benefits your service can do to help them accomplish their goals. The more you learn about your client and their wants and needs, the more successful the appointment will be.
Your client will truly be impressed with how much you already know about them and that you have taken the time to truly understand their wants and needs. Gather as much sales and lead intelligence as you can and your appointment will be sure to run smoothly and successfully, creating a positive outcome for both you and the client.
Setting appointments is important for gaining clients and increasing sales, but what’s more important are the steps you take immediately after you set an appointment. Make sure to send an invitation to your client including a short thank you message and the date and time of the appointment. Send your client marketing collateral and information documents ahead of time so that they can review them before coming to the appointment.
And most importantly, make sure that you put forth the effort to gather sales intelligence and learn as much as you can about your client’s wants, needs and goals to ensure that you are targeting exactly what they need.

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