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What Is Hyper-Targeted Marketing and Why Should I Care?

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Borrowers choose the first lender that they connect with

If you’re a lender, you know how much being the first to the borrower can impact your likelihood of getting the loan business. In fact, 50% of all mortgage borrowers choose the first lender that reaches out to them. Knowing who they are and getting your message directly to them before your competition can significantly affect how you generate quality borrower leads for real estate.
There are two large problems when marketing to potential borrowers today: 1. Most of the potential borrowers that you are currently marketing to don’t care, and 2. Most of your marketing materials are not seen by real people.

Problem One – The Borrower’s You Target Do Not Care

Only one out of every eight properties will refinance and one out of every 12 will sell in a given year.  That means you are wasting time, money and effort marketing to borrowers that DON’T CARE.

Problem Two – Your Message Is Not Being Seen By Real People

As is the case with direct mail, most digital marketing impressions are not seen by real people. Most direct mail pieces end up in the trash and most digital ads are served to non-human traffic sources like bots, toolbars, click farms and crawlers.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing solves both of these problems.  

Hyper-Targeted Marketing uses predictive analytics to determine your audience – borrowers that are expected to refinance or purchase in the next 12 months – and a patented ad delivery platform that can display your ads to your audience in their homes with 95% certainty, while eliminating non-human generated impressions.
Three years ago, ProspectNow Founder Steve Wayne conceived the notion of using property and loan transaction information in ProspectNow to predict which properties were likely to refinance or sell in a 12-month period as a way to help lenders find more business more efficiently.
Hyper-Targeted Marketing is about knowing who is likely to borrow and then getting your message and call-to-action to them before a another lender does. Using Hyper-Targeted Marketing in your marketing strategy allows you to be smart with your time and money.
Ready to find out more? Register for our Hyper-Targeted Marketing Webinar and find out how ProspectNow can help you get to your mortgage borrowers before your competition does.

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