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The Future of Real Estate Marketing

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90% of realtors use direct mail as their primary marketing outreach tool, however, this tool is also proven to have one of the lowest conversion rates. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the more innovative tactics smart realtors are using to generate leads and improve their ROI today as the future of real estate marketing emerges.
As traditional forms of real estate marketing continue to fizzle out, a new era of digital marketing trends emerges. Thanks to the widespread use of the internet, the market has changed, and information is widely available, so realtors must adapt in order to stay ahead of savvy consumers. Let ProspectNow teach you how to take advantage of today’s real estate marketing trends.
So how can realtors stand out in the noise and compete for their clients attention in a highly competitive space? By owning their digital space and being everywhere, not just in an email inbox.

Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

In today’s market, real estate marketing must go beyond just email and become an intricate mix of all things digital: website, blogs, social and seo. It’s grown from a single item to an entire web of items that work together to deliver results.

Virtual Reality and 3D Modeling

Virtual reality and 3D modeling is becoming huge in the real estate industry, especially for foreign buyers. This gives them the ability to see, experience and feel themselves within a space, without ever being there. They can be on the other side of the world, but inside their future property at the same time.
If you’ve never heard of Matterport, then prepare to be impressed. Their camera captures a 3D-dollhouse rendering of any space that can be toured and viewed, not only in virtual reality, but across any device. When real estate agents and homeowners are looking for an edge in marketing their homes, condos, offices, yachts and anything else for that matter, they turn to Matterport.

Video Marketing Techniques

While video is huge and viral in other industry verticals, real estate has been slow to catch on. In today’s market, video is viral. Video sells and video gets high reach and engagement, across all social and digital platforms. That being said, while a picture of a new property listing is nice, a video is even better. Use video to highlight property features, give a tour or show a time-lapse of the buildings construction. All this content will help expose the property, create more visibility and get your listing in front of more potential buyers.
Whichever of these new age tactics you choose to go with, remember quality over quantity. Most of the times less is more and it’s better to have less, higher quality content, then more. Fine tune your content, make sure it’s engaging and presents you and your brand in the best light possible, always.
If that’s still not enough, let ProspectNow help you close more deals by providing you a list of properties that are more likely to be listed for sale or to refinance. Click here to see what you can do with ProspectNow. The future of real estate marketing is here, but will you be apart of the driving force pushing it forward?

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