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Don’t Make These 3 Lead Nurture Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

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Lead nurturing is important to gain new clients. It takes effort and strategic planning to determine how to interact with a lead enough, but not too much that it feels overwhelming for them. According to research by Gleanster Research, 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy, which means lead nurturing is crucial to help move these 50% of leads through the sales cycle to make them prepared to make a purchasing decision.
Here are three lead nurture mistakes you should avoid.

Not Following Up

The biggest mistake you can make is not following up with a lead. Reach out to them via email and ask if they have any questions for you or if they need any more information. When a prospect inquires about working with you to buy or sell a home, you need to nurture this lead by following up from the initial conversation by checking in to see if they have questions or if they need more information to help. How do you expect to turn a lead into a client if you don’t maintain the relationship by following up with a simple call or email? Plan out follow-up contact to hold yourself accountable.

Not Providing Valuable Info  

Your prospects are looking to you as a resource for information on both the housing market and the neighborhoods they are interested in purchasing a home in. Make sure you aren’t sending correspondence that is solely centered around your business. Share market stats, relevant articles, social media posts or videos that your prospect may find interesting or helpful. Spend 30 minutes a day researching content to share with your prospects and it will prove to them that you truly care about their needs.

Bombarding Them With Too Much Info

It’s tough to find the perfect balance between too little info and too much info. Remember to keep things as concise and to the point as possible, without sounding like a robot. A great way to do this is to ask what other information the prospect would like to know about the process, or a neighborhood or a home at the end of the initial phone call so that when you give a follow-up, you can provide them with only the information they want and need. Try to keep emails and phone calls to a minimum of one per day. Also open up the floor for them to ask questions so that you aren’t bombarding them with info they don’t need.
Make sure that you are following through on every step of the sales process – from the initial contact with the lead to the follow-up and the post-sale meeting. You should work as your client’s real estate partner and should be with them every step of the way.
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