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3 Valuable Pieces of Information You Can Learn About Your Lead in 4-Minutes

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Time is one of the most valuable resources and real estate agents certainly don’t want to waste precious time they could be spending closing more sales. The key to prospecting isn’t finding clients – it’s about finding the right type of clients. If you are looking to save time, take a look at these three valuable pieces of information you can learn about your lead in four minutes.


Think about how easy it is to start a conversation by talking about someone’s hometown or college they attended. If you can identify where a potential client is from or where they went to college, you can strike up a conversation by asking about their roots. You may have even grown up in the same city or have gone to the same college – all it takes is a quick search on Google where the search results will give you links to their social media, where people often list their hometowns and colleges.

Career Experience

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in a prospect’s title, don’t forget to also look at how long they have been in the role or in the industry they work in. This can help inform you on your outreach approach. If someone has maintained their position for a number of years and seems to have a company headed in a positive direction, you will want to approach them in a specific way.
If the person holds a high title, they likely have influence over the decision making for the business as well. On the other hand, if you are reaching out to someone who has jumped jobs or industries pretty frequently, you will want to approach this person in an entirely different manner. You can find this information within minutes on a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and if the person does not have a LinkedIn, the company’s website is another resource.


Do a quick search and find out if a prospect has a blog, if they speak at conferences, if they post on social media and what they post as well as their company bio. You can find out a lot about a person by doing some quick research. You can learn everything from their previous jobs to what they enjoy doing on the weekends and maybe even what bands they like. This will establish a strong connection and ignite conversations about things you know your prospect is interested in.
Every real estate agent is crunched for time, so don’t spend hours researching each prospect every single day. These three valuable pieces of information about your prospect can be found within minutes and can help kick start a conversation.
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