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4 Ways Agents Can Jazz Up Their Market Reports for More Engagement

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When you send an email you want to ensure that you are getting the most exposure possible – especially when sending out market reports. Sometimes these market reports are not as visually-friendly, making them tough to gain traction, but there are ways you can jazz up these market reports for more engagement.

Spice Up the Subject Line

The market report can be the nicest and most educated and informative market report even written, but none of that matters if your email immediately gets deleted because the recipient is uninterested. The key way to ensure your email is opened is to keep the subject line as concise, direct and creative as possible. Perhaps pull out a stat: “Did you know the home prices in Seattle increase by 2% in the first quarter?” This will help grab the recipients’ attention and increase open rates. If possible, try to add in personalization to the subject line by adding in their first name.
Things to avoid in email subject lines include exclamation points and lengthy character counts. Exclamation points can sometimes filter your email into the spam folder and long subject lines will often deter recipients from opening it – especially if they are checking email from their phone. If a subject line looks long on your computer, imagine how overwhelming it will appear on a mobile phone.

Make the Report Shareable

Add share links to your market report so that recipients can easily share them on their social media profiles. They will appreciate having the option to share this key information with their followers or connections and your report will receive more engagement from those not on your email list. You will surprised who may see the report shared on social media and reach out to you for their real estate needs.

Get Creative

Make the market report as visual as possible without it being distracting. Add color to the graphs and charts, bold important stats and try to implement graphics to really illustrate what your report is showing. Help the data by adding color and visuals to draw attention to it. An email full of text will most likely not stand out and will be deleted. If there is a new trend emerging – try to find a photo or something to include to represent this trend in residential real estate.

Include Commentary

Market reports are traditionally data-driven, but if you have an expert, or you are the expert, who can attest to the numbers in the report, have them add commentary so that you can backup your facts with real-life experiences. Bold the quotes and make them stand out.
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