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Know These 4 Things BEFORE You Go Into Your Next Listing Appointment

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Before you head into your next listing appointment, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that you are prepared and ready for game time. When you meet with a potential client, you need to put your best foot forward and showcase your highest level of professionalism. As you schedule a new listing appointment, make sure you know these four things.

All Liens on the Property

The information provided by the title industry professional will tell you about the mortgage and any other liens on the property. All of these liens must be paid off for the sale to close. Researching the liens on a property before the listing appointment is a great way to determine if the listing will be a traditional sale (the owner has equity in the home) or a short sale (the owner owes more than the property is appraised for).

Research Market Activity

You should know about all of the recent sales that have happened in the area. Be sure you know the differences between the homes that have sold and the property you are hoping to sell. Preview all of the home that are currently available for sale. When you present the listing price and seller net sheet to the client, expect questions from the seller on how you arrived at that price and how it compares to the homes in the area. Some sellers will use their own evaluation tools, and if your number is lower, you need to be prepared to explain why.

Be Aware of Your Competition

A lot of sellers will reach out to more than one agent for a listing appointment before putting their home on the market. It’s a good idea to know who your competition is and how you can differentiate yourself from them and bring more value to the client. Perhaps you have a successful blog or have sold other homes in the area – use these things as leverage to win the client over. Don’t ever speak negatively of your competitors, but be sure to speak to your unique value in the market and how you can sell the home in ways that others can’t.

Have the Paperwork Ready to Go

Once you nail your presentation, you want to have all of the documents ready for the client to sign. Bring all of the necessary documents so that if the sellers are ready to put their home on the market that day, they can sign that listing agreement immediately. If you don’t have the listing agreement paperwork with you and one of your competitors is set to meet with the sellers immediately after, you may lose the business.
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