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4 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Listing Presentation

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So, you have just finished a listing presentation. You have spent hours preparing and planning to nail the presentation and you checked all of the boxes to ensure it was a success. What happens after the listing presentation? What is the next step?
Here are four things you should do immediately after a listing presentation.

Email Leads Hours After the Pitch

It doesn’t matter how you think the pitch went, an immediate follow-up via email is a must. You need to send a follow-up email containing the presentation information. You never know when you will earn your next client, so even if the next prospective business opportunity is on you aren’t too excited about, earning a commission is much better than not earning one.
Even if this lead turns cold after the listing presentation, they may still be able to refer you, so don’t close that door, at the very least, keep in touch with them.

Include Information You Didn’t Share During the Presentation

You should be establishing yourself as the go-to resource for all things real estate in your market, which means you need to provide a wealth of information. If you fail to do this, you will not impress or turn leads into clients. You need to quickly answer any questions your prospects have following the presentation. If sellers are looking for more comparable deals you have done for nearby homes. Give them a quick rundown of your online and offline marketing strategy.

Add Them to Your Email Drip Campaign

One easy way to stay top-of-mind is to add the client to your email drip campaign. They will then receive all of your emails and if you have testimonials and reviews in these email campaigns, you can show in a non-pushy way how you have helped your other clients achieve their real estate goals. The best referral is word of mouth, so this can be a deal maker for you if the client is iffy on whether to use you as their real estate agent.

Schedule a Reminder Follow Up

If things are trickling along and not moving as fast as you’d hope, schedule a reminder to send them a follow up comparative market analysis of their home 30, 60 and 90 days out so they can see the price fluctuations in the market. This can spark new conversations and might get the client moving faster; the key to remaining relevant without being too salesy or pushy. This is a way to get back on their radar by giving them the information they can use.
If you don’t end up winning the listing, take a step back and try to determine where you can improve. Give a mock presentation to friends, family or even colleagues for honest feedback. Maybe ask the client what you could have done better in order to earn their business and how you can make your presentation more effective. Ensure you have a solid real estate lead generation strategy so you can own every listing presentation.

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