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Prime Seller Leads (Review)

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If you’re a real estate agent who represents sellers, you need to consistently bring new listings and clients in to sustain and grow your business. There are many ways you can generate real estate leads, such as networking events, business cards, and cold calling—and some of them require a lot of hustle on your part. While these techniques can be good for networking and building your reputation in your area, they can take time and energy that could be better devoted to other aspects of your business, like current clients. Luckily, however, there are other tools for bringing in leads as an agent, and some of the most efficient and effective are online lead generation services.

What’s an Online Lead Generation Service?

Lead generation is how you attract and convert strangers into prospects into clients. Usually, these leads have shown an interest in your firm. An online lead generation service works to bring in and qualify leads for you, completely automating this portion of your agency so you can focus more on catering to qualified leads. An online lead generation service basically frees up your time so can make more money doing what you do best—selling real estate.
Online lead generation services work to collect qualified leads for you. If you pay for this service, you can expect a more qualified list of leads who have somehow indicated that they may be selling their property and needing a seller’s agent soon. There are several real estate lead generation services available and with different pricing tiers. Before you choose one and invest in it, look into several and do your diligence, so you know your options. By choosing one you know a lot about, you can ensure you choose a service that best fits your needs and budget, and one that provides you with qualified, quality leads.

Things to Consider Before Signing Up for a Real Estate Lead Generation Service

Real estate lead services provide you with potential clients who have somehow indicated that they may need representation when selling their property. This means that you will end up with a list of people who are more likely to become your client than if you were simply advertising to the general public. Some lead generation services simply hand over a list of leads without having properly vetted the potential sellers. Prime Seller Leads is different. It provides access to a lead-generating advertising system, where you generate landing pages that attract potential sellers. These landing pages help you collect contact information and direct potential clients to your other online content, so they become interested in your services and what you offer.
Think about why you want to use an online lead generation service. For instance, do you:

  • Want a pre-formed list of leads?
  • Need a ready-to-go collection of contacts to start nurturing?
  • Need a way to attract the right kind of leads more easily so you can build your own list?

Real estate lead generation services abound, so get clear on what you need before deciding on a service.

Prime Seller Leads: A Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Service

Prime Seller Leads isn’t just a platform for paid leads. It offers a landing page creator to pull in seller leads and a backend customer relationship management (CRM) so you can manage them. You can also utilize their pay-per-click (PPC) system for promoting your created landing page on Google and other sources.
Prime Seller Leads is offered by media company iVortex Media. They also have other products, including Prime Buyer Leads, in addition to offering website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, and other services for real estate agents. The company was founded in the late 1990s and has headquarters in Bonita Springs, Florida.
Prime Seller Leads lets you create attractive, effective landing pages where potential seller clients will hand over their contact information and want to delve deeper into the content you have to offer. With Prime Seller Leads, you’ll never have to sign a contract does not require customers to sign contracts or commit to any amount of time using the service. They also do not charge any seller fees. Instead, real estate agents pay a subscription package that is cancelable at any time. Prime Seller Leads provides the agent with the ability to set up landing pages, widgets to direct people to your landing page from a range of social media sites, and a system to set up drip email campaigns. There are also a host of tools that help if you have multiple agents on your team or want to give lenders easier access to seller info.

Prime Seller Leads Pros

  • No maximum budget setting. Great for you if the sky’s the limit!
  • Different subscriptions with different costs allow agents to choose the level of functionality they need and the cost they can afford.
  • Targeted markets let real estate agents get really specific about the seller they are trying to attract.
  • Customizable landing pages with changeable backgrounds let agents stay consistent with their branding efforts and build a reputation.

Prime Seller Leads Cons

  • No maximum budget setting. This is great if the sky’s the limit, but if you’re working with limited resources, this could kill your bottom line. They do, however, have a minimum budget of $500/month.
  • Landing pages are not fully customizable. Some aspects are basically one-size-fits-all.
  • The tools to create landing pages do not guarantee that qualified leads are going to find the landing pages.
  • Prime Seller Leads is only for sellers’ agents.
  • Limited support hours, since the team at Prime Seller Leads only works and communicates during Eastern Standard Time business hours Monday through Friday.

Prime Seller Leads Pricing

At the time of writing, Prime Seller Leads’ pricing is $499/month.
Other tiers and product offerings include:

  • Prime Buyer Leads – $299/month
  • Prime Remarketing – $199/month
  • Prime Exclusivity – $999/month, best for agents who want to be the only one in their area with access to Prime’s leads and services.

Features and Customer Reviews of Prime Seller Leads

Customers writing about Prime Seller Leads online report that you can take advantage of the tier of Prime Seller Leads’ services that work for you and pay less for just the platform and the ability to create landing pages. If you want to place PPC ads through the site, you can pay more monthly. This is not mentioned on the Prime Seller Leads website, however.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service will help you learn how to use the product by walking you through all of the features and functions. You can be sure you make the most of your investment, and someone is there to help you if you encounter a snag.

Add Listings to Your Customer Pipeline

Customers report it is a successful and reliable tool for adding customers to your pipeline, and not just leads.

Prime Seller Leads Alternative: ProspectNow

ProspectNow is another service real estate agents can choose for gathering qualified leads. Based in Los Altos, CA, ProspectNow offers lead generation tools for both residential and commercial real estate agents looking for sellers they can convert into clients. In contrast to Prime Seller Leads, ProspectNow is a database of commercial and residential properties the service’s algorithms predict will sell. Agents can then contact the leads they wish to and offer to represent them.
Besides a database of qualified leads, ProspectNow also offers digital marketing tools that can help agents get the word out about their own businesses. They have a service that lets agents display their online ads using IP targeting, so you can be sure it’s being seen by the right prospects. ProspectNow also offers agents the ability to use direct mail as a strategy, so that they can send physical mailers with the simple click of a button.
ProspectNow offers different subscription tiers so agents can pay for the service that fits their needs. The Local and Metro subscriptions include 1 user; the National subscription lets you provide access to your entire team.

ProspectNow Pros

  • Created for sellers’ agents who work with both commercial and residential properties.
  • Has predictive tools that can also predict properties that are likely to be sold, so agents can get ahead of the competition.
  • Offers a free trial so agents can test drive the platform and ensure it’s the right service for agency.

Features and Customer Reviews of ProspectNow

ProspectNow has guided search features that help you find exactly the leads you’re looking for. This means you can zero in on the right leads, whether they’re commercial sellers, residential sellers, industrial sellers, and more. 

In-Depth Analytics

Customers rave about ProspectNow’s analytics capabilities. Agents can get data on people who are likely to sell property in the area, and how smart it is to invest marketing dollars to appeal to those potential sellers. This can save agents tons of marketing dollars in the long run.

Mailing Campaigns

With ProspectNow, agents can manage mailing campaigns easily. You can print manage a contact CRM, print labels, do a mail merge, and more. You can also home in on specific areas, like counties and towns.
Customers on G2 say ProspectNow is a great resource for finding investment sales and neighborhood analytics.

Choose a Real Estate Lead Generation Service to Boost Your Real Estate Business

If you want to use a real estate seller lead generation service, make sure you decide what you want to get out of the service. If you want help marketing to bring in more leads, Prime Seller Leads might be an option to choose from. However, if you want to save time and money by getting access to a list of leads and contacts that are likely to want to work with you, choose ProspectNow. Get in touch with ProspectNow today to learn how our services can benefit you as a sellers’ agent, and how you can grow your business with our lists of qualified, potential sellers.
We’ve been helping agents just like you since 2008. If you’re ready to get more leads, close more sales, and make more money, reach out to us today to start your free trial.

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