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A Comprehensive Guide: Real Estate Branding

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Real estate branding requires a lot of hard work. You need more than just a fancy logo and a catchy motto to become one of the industry’s renowned players. You must be creative to relay a consistent message that portrays your image and identity. You also need a story that resonates with your clients and embodies what your business is all about.

You are not the only one privy to this information. So how exactly do you stand out among the several other real estate agents? You need an effective branding strategy that employs the effective use of social media platforms and connects with the audience.

This article outlines seven branding secrets prosperous real estate agents apply to become the industry’s top leaders.

Start With Data

Analyzing all the essential information about your resources is not only helpful to you but also to your client. Clients go for less risky deals, and detailed information will attract lots of them.

As an investor, you have no trouble controlling your system and answering customers’ queries. You, therefore, need to analyze all the data related to your product and present it in an easy to comprehend format. Have all the information about prospective clients and your area of operations.

Create a Client Avatar

With a client avatar, it is tough for a client to ignore your services as you have pre-examined them. Before you meet your prospect in person, you should try to figure out who they’re going to be. Some may be a retired couple looking for a smaller home, while others, first-time buyers. Imagining yourself as the client and making reasonable consideration for each case is something very few agents know about.

Before you set a price, think about what your ideal client’s age and occupation. What about their budget? Do they have other family members and pets? Would they like an extra gardening space? Think about what might make you, as a client happy, what problems you are likely to encounter, and offer ultimate solutions.

Create Your Unique Selling Proposition

A Unique Selling Proposition is an advantage that makes your services outstanding from your rivals. Do not communicate the same message as every other website. With a similar message, you won’t be able to claim a specific factor as being only offered by you. Prospects will know if you’re copying an idea from elsewhere and run away from you.

A unique selling Proposition will also minimize customers’ questioning your prices. Those who fail in real estate business do so for lack of transparency. When you have clear reasons for selling your products at a specific amount, clients trust you more.

Start Branding Your Business

Generally, branding requires a lot of attention and professionalism. If you make repetitive branding mistakes, which are hard to notice, your business may collapse in a very short time. When done correctly, either by you or with the help of an expert, brand building can be more like a get-rich-quick-scheme.

Before you start building your business brand, you should put into consideration two factors; business strength and your interests. You may have many real estate services under one business, but there’s that branch that sells like hotcakes. Then, there’s a part of the business that you are more interested in pursuing. Does selling homes as you meet new people seem like a hobby for you?

Branding is the only part of marketing that requires little or no capital at all. You go for what you want on the internet, which has made it more accessible. When building your business brand, think of starting with your website before you proceed to social media platforms. Potential buyers, before visiting your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, will first land on your website. Therefore, you need to upgrade the website according to modern technology. A website that interest customers is attractive and smartphone responsive. Up to 72% of the prospective clients will be using mobile phonesto access the internet in the 21st century.

Go Online – Add It to Your Marketing Materials

If you truly desire success in your business, the big secret is making a consistent online presence. Share your products and services, related articles, and actively participate in groups and pages related to your niche. You will be able to meet veterans in the business, gain insight and inspiration from them as you meet potential clients.

Real estate is very delicate; thus, most clients either want referrals to a legit dealer or meet you in person. For this reason, do not use pseudo-accounts since it brings doubts about you. Add professional profile photos on each of your accounts and include links to them on your website.

Promotional Materials

A successful agent knows the importance of continuously adding new leads to their database. They also understand that it is equally important to keep the existing clients coming back. When treated well, clients recommend others to services, and this means increased revenues.

An excellent way to lure new and existing clients is through giveaways. It may be seasonal, or a small gift after each deal. For instance, after selling a house, you can offer to re-paint it for free! Inexpensive gifts like pens, notebooks, key holders, or portfolio envelop with your logo are suitable for a start.

Use Billboards

So far, using billboards to generate leads is the most creative way of increasing real estate sales. In less than three seconds, you can communicate everything about your business. When making a billboard, use big and brightly colored fonts. Include your contacts and do not overcrowd the advertisement with too many words and logos. People will ignore your message if they have to look for your contact for over a minute on a busy highway.

Again, a billboard should be about the client, not you. Use an encouraging four-word sentence that covers the entire message. Remember, the message should match your targeted prospect.


Becoming a top-rated agent in the real estate competition is not a walk in the pack. A handful of hidden ideas need to be uncovered first before you real your goals. Putting into practice these tips will drive your business into a competitive edge, and you will never regret it. 

At ProspectNow, we’ll help you design a strong marketing brand that’ll help increase your ROI. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment with our professionals to get a great deal.

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