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What to Look for in a Single Family Home

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It takes a lot before you can take the big step to invest in a house, especially a single-family home. Even after you have your finances in order, you will find yourself hesitating because you don’t want to make a wrong move. Nobody likes to get fleeced or being stuck with a depreciating property.

However, it would help if you did not let fear keep you from what could very well be the deal of a lifetime. There are several firm indicators you should consider to make sure you invest in the perfect single-family home. These indicators are:


Pricing is one of the indicators of a home’s value. The first step towards purchasing a single-family home is to line your finances. The amount of money you are willing to spend determines the home you can purchase.

Most investors opt to buy single-family homes due to their relatively low purchase and maintenance costs. This makes it a valuable investment, even for beginner investors. Getting a loan for financing the purchase is also easier for a single-family home compared to other types of property.


There is nothing quite as important as location when it comes to a single-family home. Investing in a house located on a conducive location ensures returns on assured tenants and high rent prices.

Given that single-family units attract families, go for a location with amenities for the family needs. An excellent site is child-friendly with schools, easy access to health facilities, and shopping. The area must also be free of crimes.

Also, consider the area’s living standards. Look for a place with relatively lower property tax, investment property insurance, and favorable property legislations. If you are planning to rent out the investment in Airbnb, go to Airbnb accessible places with fewer fees.

Another important factor to consider is the location of the property relative to the rest of the area. That means you need to consider whether the property is detached or whether it shares a fence with neighbors. In the same way, corner lots tend to be larger, more expensive, and command higher rents.

Also, remember to consider the area’s expected growth. A single-family unit is excellent in an area with an increasing number of new families.

Rate of Returns

While it might be challenging to determine precisely how an investment will pan out, the right location and pricing almost assure it.


Like any other business venture, profit is necessary when investing in a single-family home. A successful investment generates a positive cash flow; more income compared to expenses.

Most family homes are profitable. Unlike other properties where the landlord covers utility bills, most tenants in single-family homes are responsible for utility payments. Also, the family homes incur lower insurance rates and property taxes as they are considered one dwelling unit. The few expenses in these investments ensure positive cash flow. 


Once you have finalized the transfer, the job has just begun. While single-family homes are generally expected to appreciate over time, a lot of effort is involved in helping maintain such a rate. Maintenance is key, as well as making sure that you have the right tenants in your home.

For that, you need experienced professionals who will keep an expert watch over your property. With the in-depth knowledge of the industry, real estate, and tenancy laws, and connections with all the right people, you can be sure that your property lies in the right hands.

Managing a rental single-family home starts with vetting potential tenants. This process can be challenging when you lack the right knowledge and experience. You do not want to end up in a long-winded court battle with a troublesome client or end up having to pay a fortune in maintenance costs.

You also need to make sure that your property manager will act with integrity. They will need to collect your rent on time and deposit it as agreed. Besides, the best property agents will give you regular reports on the state of your investment.

You will need to find the most reliable property management company in your area so that you can have peace of mind regarding your property. 

Physical Features

The appearance and other amenities are what attract the tenants. Most people use amenities like the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and parking slots to determine their ideal residence.

With only one family occupying a single-family home, the tenants get enough privacy. The tenant does not have to worry about other annoying neighbors or shared facilities that are susceptible to breakage. The units also come with spacious backyards for the kids to play and enough parking spaces.

Invest in a single-family home that has enough facilities. The more facilities it has, the higher the likelihood of tenants. You also get to charge higher rates.


When buying a single-family home, you want to pay as small a price for it as possible without affecting its long-term value. You will find that houses which require a bit of maintenance will be far cheaper than those which are in stellar condition. Some homeowners are too lazy to get bothered by a simple paint job, carpeting, gutters, lawn, or simple repairs.

If you’re a hand man with the tools or know of one, you can overlook such issues in a potential property and snag it for a price far below market value. You can then spruce it up for next to nothing and get to charge much more for it.

However, if you’re going to do this, you need to be very careful about what can and can’t be solved by a few strokes of the paintbrush or a hammer and nails. Most homes are sold cheaply for a reason, and no one will be forthcoming with that information. Keep away from bad foundations and walls, leaky roofs, bad utility installations, and pest infestations.


Investing in a single-family home can be very lucrative, with an average return rate of about 9% annually. However, it can also turn into a massive loss if you do not know your way around the business. This is why you need to have professionals guiding you all through from purchasing your property to managing it.

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