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The importance of accurate city data

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It can be very easy to forget to keep data on your city up to date, though there is so much to keep track of. Many cities have populations and other statistics that change over the years, but the people in charge fail to keep these statistics current and fresh.

Why Outdated City Data Is Not Recommended

Researchers rely on the most accurate and current statistics possible. If they follow through on data that is years old, there may experience things about the city that they certainly wouldn’t expect, such as changes in the city for the worse or decreases in its population.

Reasons To Keep City Data Up To Date:

Some city officials might not find updating their city’s data to be important, even if their city or town is rather small in size, but it is. Not only is it beneficial to you and your city, but to others who are also relying on such data for their own observations. Here are three reasons to keep your city’s data accurate:

Researchers Always Want The Most Recent Information

You must keep your city data up to date out of the courtesy of the researcher looking for the most accurate information. Writers for example that work on articles about your city will need recent data to tell stories, reinforce arguments, and inform readers about your city above all.

With outdated data, it will be hard for anyone to find relevant information about your city, whether it is the population, economy, buildings, or anything else. With this in mind, researchers would have to do much more sleuthing to come up with conclusions or find evidence that supports their arguments. For writers and researchers to move along with their work, it would certainly help them to keep your city data up to date, preferably every year or so.

Get More Insight About The Positive And Negative Traits About Your Town Or City

You also need updated city data so you can learn more about your city and where it is trending. With current city data, you can learn about your city in the following factors:

  • Population
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Home Ownership
  • Commercial Building Ownership
  • Ethnicity
  • City Infrastructure
  • Crime
  • Auto
  • Sanitation
  • Weather
  • Tourism
  • And many more

It’s important to learn about statistics of your city so that you can learn about the highs and lows of your city, from economy to population, to everything in between. As a city official, it is crucial that you find out about all the important statistics in your city so that you can create reports for all to reference when need be. ProspectNow is a service that can help you get started with predictive analytics.

See Trends With Your City And How To Make Decisions Moving Forward

When you create reports each year, you can compare them year by year and see trends in your city and where it is headed. Are more people coming or leaving your city each year? Are properties getting more inhabited or abandoned? Are people earning more money or less? These are all the things you can observe with yearly reports, and from there, you can take action according to what is happening with your city. Trends easily help you make decisions to highlight your city’s strengths and work on its weaknesses.


ProspectNow can help you gather data on residential and commercial properties, allowing you to get the necessary data you need for reports and other findings. Give us a call today for more details on how you can analyze your city and its commercial and residential lots.


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