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7 Commercial Real Estate Coaching Resources Worth Trying

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You’ve likely heard the story about the young boy and his grandfather. The little boy is amazed at how his grandfather is able to tie a fly-fishing hook so perfectly.
“Why can’t I tie the hook just like you, Grandpa?”
“I’ve been doing it longer, son.”
Such is everything in life—experience is how we learn. Years of experience and each mistake we make gets us closer to perfecting our tasks.
But the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is one where mistakes can cause terrible expenses and put a strain on precious resources. Commercial real estate coaching can help you avoid the pitfalls of a perilous journey.
Commercial real estate coaching offers valuable insight from the experiences of others. These professionals can share their expertise and answer your most pressing questions. What you may need to crack the glass ceiling of your revenue goals is a good session with a CRE coach.

Commercial Real Estate Coaching Programs Worth Trying

It seems like there are as many coaching resources today as there are agents looking for coaching. That can feel overwhelming for an agent. You don’t want to have to seek assistance for seeking assistance, right?
Some of the leading professionals in real estate created the following commercial real estate coaching programs for agents like you, just looking to improve daily operations and business overall.
These resources can show you how to perform various aspects of your job better—and who better to get this advice from than CRE professionals with their own real-world experiences to share? You’ll get fascinating insight into personal development, broker training, leveraging technology, and more.

1) The CCIM Institute

As one of the leading CRE training providers in the nation, the CCIM Institute offers a set of courses that can earn you a CCIM designation, or you can take just the classes you need for subject matter expertise. The institute has a network of certified professional instructors in all aspects of commercial real estate, making this one of the best resources for hungry CRE agents to connect with someone in their local area. You can even discover mentors and coaches you can informally connect with.
Ralph Spencer, a CRE professional since 1972, teaches many of his insights through core classes with the CCIM Institute.

2) The Massimo Group

Many of the leading global brokerage firms, such as CBRE or Lee & Associates, look to The Massimo Group for training. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new agent or a seasoned broker, you can learn something from this program led by Rod Santomassimo.
For example, the N2B, or New to Business program shows new brokers how they can build consistently growing businesses and outperform their competition, while they designed their Market Leaders program for seasoned brokers who might have plateaued in their market.
The Massimo Mid-Career coaching program is for everyone who falls somewhere between the two—agents and brokers who’ve seen a bit of success but want to kick it up a notch.

3) Jim Gillespie

Commercial real estate coach, Jim Gillespie, offers real estate coaching in every sense of the word. He does one-on-one sessions and also speaks at conferences for the CRE industry. He provides his services to agents, managers, investors, developers, owners, and brokers. He also hosts webinars and takes some of his conferences live, interviewing some of the top brokers in the industry.

4) The Lipsey Company

Founded by Michael Lipsey, the Lipsey Company is a go-to agency for those in the CRE industry. Lipsey himself is recognized around the world as a leader in commercial real estate coaching. In fact, he’s developed nearly 200 courses, including:

  • Systems for Success
  • Team Brokerage
  • Presentations That Win

They tailor each training module or coaching program to the individual needs of the broker.
The Lipsey Company’s principal areas of CRE coaching include training for:

  • Service providers, such as CRE brokers and property managers
  • Owners of commercial real estate brokerages, REITs, and other CRE institutions
  • Corporate Real Estate

5) Top Dogs with Bob McCombs

Top Dogs offers video training sessions led by commercial real estate expert Bob McCombs. McCombs’ training is perfect for agents new to commercial real estate specifically looking to excel in project leasing and tenant representation services.

6) Buffini & Company

Brian Buffini’s Buffini & Company offers a program for commercial real estate agents, The Pathway to Mastery. This is a program unlike any other—comprehensive and in-depth, it was created by a legendary real estate professional for other professionals who seek “legend” status. Buffini & Company offer three course levels:

  • The Essentials—helps new agents and brokers craft a solid foundation.
  • The Advanced—for CRE professionals looking to up their influence in the local community.
  • The Mastery—for brokers who want to build not just a solid business but a legacy.

They offer all courses one-on-one or in small groups.

7) Dan Colachicco

Over the course of Dan Colachicco’s CRE career, he brokered over $500 million in commercial real estate transactions. Colachicco’s been active in the CRE industry since 1979 and still maintains an active brokerage license in Florida and in North Carolina.
Dan’s passionate about the CRE industry, and it shows in his coaching offerings. Today, Dan is highly sought after by agents and brokers who want to maximize their potential. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your CRE career—Dan’s coached and mentored hundreds of brokers and agents of all levels, from rookie agents to veteran brokers.
Dan offers a blog, weekly podcast, and other CRE training materials on his website at the SmartCREBroker.

Choose ProspectNow for Your Real Estate Training

With the above programs and commercial real estate training offered by ProspectNow, you could one day become a coach and offer your expertise to a new generation of CRE professionals.
ProspectNow has been helping investors, agents, and brokers like you find the information they need since 2008. If you want to find more leads, close more deals, and make more money, reach out to ProspectNow today.

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