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7 Things to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate CRM

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A CRM is a business necessity, especially for a real estate office. Commercial and residential agents cannot compete in this market if you do not have advanced industry tools at your disposal. Commercial real estate CRM software allows your business to maximize workflow, utilize marketing tools and improve collaboration. Implementing the right system leads to more sales and better customer satisfaction.

Pipeline Management

Your sales pipeline is the heart of your business, and if this workflow is not managed properly, your company will unnecessarily lose revenue. CRM software allows you to establish an effective sales process, distribute leads and resources fairly and ensure that all pipeline steps are completed. You can monitor the process of any sale, generate analytics and make alterations when necessary. Best of all, you will see more sales completed!


Most CRM software makes collaboration easier, at least in-house, but you can choose a system that is geared toward increasing collaboration among all of your real estate teams and includes outside stakeholders. You have control over who has access to your system so that you keep company information secure while enhancing production.

Property Database Integration

Your agents work with multiple property databases, often spread among several platforms. A superior real estate CRM will allow you to integrate these databases as well as other software applications to make accessing vital sales information fast and efficient. Your staff won’t need to waste time looking for property information in half a dozen places.

Marketing Tools

Your commercial and residential teams can identify properties that are most likely to go on the market and sell, which allows you to target owners before your competitors can. Forbes recommends choosing a CRM that offers automated task reminders, scheduled consumer email generation, and social media enhancement – including online ad generation, Facebook posting, Twitter use, and customer interaction.

Ease of Access

Your agents vary in technological ability, so you need a CRM that gives you ease of access. Information on potential buyers and promising properties should be only a click or two away. And all the features should be user-friendly. You cannot afford to buy a system that takes months for your people to master.

Technical Support

Prompt technical support is a key component of your business. Real estate offices and agents do not operate on a 9-5 weekday schedule. If your staff members encounter a software issue, they need technical assistance ready to go. Otherwise, you are looking at lost sales and frustrated team members.

Data Analytics and Reporting

All excellent CRM systems give you data analytics and reporting ability so that you can measure your teams’ successes and help them work on their weaknesses. You’ll be able to see sales projections at a glance and evaluate how individual agents are performing. You can also monitor how well everyone is managing their individual and team tasks.
ProspectNow is the only platform that uses predictive analytics that lets commercial real estate prospectors identify the commercial properties that are most likely to sell. Residential real estate agents can use these predictive analytics to identify the properties primed to sell in your market and then use the platform to target owners with digital or postcard marketing.

The ProspectNow Advantage

ProspectNow can help you integrate the CRM that your company needs. They have been around for more than a decade, which means they have a proven track record. Plus, they have the ability to adapt to any changes in the real estate market.
Not all CRM systems are created equal. ProspectNow software gives you the data you need at significantly lower prices than competing platforms. With their platform, you will get access to information on 40 million commercial and 100 million residential properties. You will also have easy access to up-to-date contact information of commercial property decision-makers, detailed sales comps, properties most likely to sell, a tenant/company database, and more.
The ease of use, expansive data, and sophisticated marketing tools make ProspectNow the best choice for revenue growth and consumer satisfaction. By using ProspectNow, your real estate brokers will generate more productive leads, close more deals and make more money.

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