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6 Ways to Turn Cold Calling Into Warm Calling

Few people like cold calling. The negative sentiment often applies to sales professionals just as much as it applies to people receiving unwanted phone calls. Warm calling offers a more pleasant alternative that can lead to more conversions and better branding. If you want to turn cold calling into warm calling, start with these straightforward […]

3 Ways the Commercial Real Estate Market Has Changed in the Past Decade

The commercial real estate market experiences trends just like other industries. The following article covers three important trends that emerged between 2010 and 2020. Other events also shaped the market, but these three changes stand out as incredible trends that made an impact on commercial real estate during the 2010s. The Cannabis Real Estate Industry […]

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property in Arizona

Finding the property owner can be key to reaching a decision-maker and closing the deal. But the procedures to find out who owns a property in Arizona can be specific.  When you’re looking for properties to buy and sell, you need to find the owner first. This can be straightforward for most properties but complicated if […]