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Ten Steps To Generate Record Leads And Clients For Your Life Insurance Business

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Want to know how to get life insurance leads? Here’s how to make new business come to you – without buying lead lists.
Real estate software may not be the first choice for life insurance agents on the hunt for new leads. But there’s a place in your marketing strategy for ProspectNow. This property search database combined with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a boon for any business that relies on property data. This includes real estate agents, brokers, and investors. But it also includes trades, lenders, and many others.
Use ProspectNow as part of a ten-step plan to create your sales funnel. Read on to learn how to get life insurance leads.

Build Your Website

You need to start by creating your brand, and a professional website is your starting point. You want to make this a central hub for information on all of your product offerings and services. Include multiple options for contacting you, ideally a phone number, email, and contact form. 
As you build this website, be sure to keep accessibility in mind. Some of your prospects will have different abilities and limitations, and a design that doesn’t accommodate these will turn them away. Look up the Web Content Accessibility Guide or use these quick tips.

Start A Blog

The blog will be an important feature on your website. This is your brand’s voice and an outlet for more information, but it’s also an effective means of marketing. This blog will be a springboard for future marketing efforts that make you stand out as an expert.

Get Listed On Search Engines

Google’s SERPs now include business listings alongside website links. They’ll include all of the relevant information on your business: description, location, operating hours, contact links, and a website link. Build your business profile and make your agency more accessible.

Manage Your Social Media

Social media is another vital part of today’s marketing world. It’s not just an advertising tool, it’s another way to build your reputation. Thankfully, most social media profiles are free to create and maintain. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are popular choices for businesses who want to get their name out and cultivate an audience, but make sure you’re using each platform properly.

Create Custom Emails

Your communications should reflect the brand you’ve created. ProspectNow can help with this. Using the included email templates, you can have a stack of emails ready to go for any marketing lead. Take care not to make them too generic, as personalized marketing efforts tend to resonate more with prospects.
This is also an opportunity to create an email newsletter to keep your agency top of mind for prospective and current clients. Use this to promote new blog posts and send out exciting new developments for your agency.

Keep Up Content Marketing

Do not neglect your blog. There are always new opportunities for new material. Don’t limit yourself to posting articles, either. This is another good place to post news, announcements, and pictures. If you have trouble creating regular content, consider outsourcing to freelance writers.

Follow The Data

As a life insurance agent, you can make use of recent sales data to find clients who have assets they’d like to protect. ProspectNow’s likely seller algorithm takes into account local demographics like marriage, divorce, birth, and death to predict which properties are likely to sell soon. 
A look at ProspectNow’s ROI calculator will show you properties that the system correctly predicted would sell in your area.

Make First Contact

ProspectNow’s customer relationship management side helps you make contact beyond email. Phone numbers and mailing addresses are easy to find, even if the property owner is an LLC. You can put a human name to your communications and have a better chance of finding a person instead of getting lost in a mailroom. Use ProspectNow’s included to create custom postcards and letters that look just as professional as your emails.

Follow Up

If you don’t follow up with your prospects after your initial contact, you risk them forgetting about you. Sending out a follow-up email a few days afterward can help refresh your prospect’s memory and keep them in your sales funnel. You can automate this step with ProspectNow’s CRM functions. Also, make sure to get your prospects on the subscriber list for your newsletter!

Direct Ads

Have you noticed that internet ads are more accurate than ever? It’s as if our smartphones are spying on us. But what’s really happening is that cookies collected on almost all websites are used by advertisers to create an omnichannel marketing strategy. These ads follow prospects across social media and websites, making predictions on what people need or want to buy and why they haven’t done it yet. With ProspectNow’s platform, you can make that a part of your own marketing strategy. Create omnichannel experiences for your prospects and entice them to come to you.

Close New Business Deals

Now that you’ve turned your cold leads into warm ones, and know how to get life insurance leads, it’s time to finish that new business. You’ll have an easier time creating new policies with life insurance clients who are receptive to your business because they think they sought you out first.

About ProspectNow

Do you have a better idea of how to get life insurance leads? Are you ready to close more deals and make more money? ProspectNow can make that happen for you. This platform combines a comprehensive property database with a customer relationship management system. The data you’ll find here comes with a higher price tag at competing property data platforms and without the unique data analytics. So give ProspectNow a try with a three-day free trial, and see why it’s been the platform of choice for clients across industries since 2008.

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