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How Solar Panel Installers Can Leverage ProspectNow

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ProspectNow can also be an effective residential database for trades. Here’s how it can help your solar business.
Solar panels are a growing market, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits for homeowners, such as reduced energy consumption, reduced tax burden, increased property value, and the chance to keep ahead of the neighbors. But many homeowners are still digging in their heels for a number of reasons, and it can be a challenge to find new clients interested in your trade.
ProspectNow may have started as software for the real estate business, but it works well as a commercial and residential database for trades. Read on to learn the many benefits that this platform can provide as you look to expand your business. As you pursue new business, consider this platform as a new tech tool to aid your efforts.

Finding Leads

The first step to finding clients for solar installation is to find leads. Traditional methods involve going door to door or cold calling. This can be tedious and lead to a lot of doors and phones slammed on you. But by using ProspectNow as a residential database for trades, you can create a list of strong leads without leaving your office chair.


For residential properties, ProspectNow has a comprehensive property search that will cover any county. You’ll also have easy access to the owner’s contact information, even if the owner is an LLC. You won’t have to do any digging with the county’s property appraiser or secretary of state; all the information is right on the platform. This information can sometimes be found on other platforms at a higher cost.
When searching for properties, you’ll have a variety of filters to choose from. You can filter out properties that already have solar panels. Use the included maps to determine roof coverage and in which direction the home faces. With this information readily available, you can create your quote on the spot.

Commercial Properties

Solar power is also a promising development for commercial properties. Investors can be swayed by the improved net cash flow (NCF) and net operating income (NOI), as well as competitive energy costs. Commercial landlords looking into a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) can also use this to persuade their tenants to extend leases.
When searching for commercial properties, ProspectNow gives you the opportunity to seek out landlord or tenant information. This can be useful depending on the terms of their lease agreement, as some leases will hold the tenant responsible for upkeep of the property.

Mobile Home and Multifamily Housing

Commercial properties also present a new opportunity for expanding your reach in solar installation. With home prices on the rise, mobile home parks and multifamily homes become a promising investment option. As investors look to snap up these properties, many of them will look for ways to improve their investment. This is your chance to pitch solar panels as a no-lose investment for them.
The commercial database allows you to search for mobile home parks, apartment buildings, and more with ease.

Likely Sellers

ProspectNow offers a “likely seller” algorithm with the use of complex data analytics and machine learning. This will point you in the direction of properties that are predicted to sell within the next 12 months, often before they hit the market.
Why is this of interest to you? When homeowners plan to sell their property, they’ll often invest time and money into improving it first. And the addition of solar panels is a great way to increase property values and the odds of closing a deal. Using this feature in a residential database for trades can give you an easy list of promising leads.
To get an idea of how many likely sellers the algorithm identifies in your area, take a look at the ROI calculator offered on the website. You’ll find not only how many properties are likely to sell right now, but a list of properties that were correctly predicted to sell. Also note the increased sales turnover and decreased marketing spend with ProspectNow compared to the status quo.

Reaching Your Leads

Now that you have leads, it’s time to reach out to them. But this is more than a residential database for trades and investors. You can use the platform as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool as well. 
Use ProspectNow’s database and contact information to reach owners directly. Place a call or email using included templates and even attach your quote. If you still prefer a more traditional touch, you can arrange to send the owners an invitation to reach you on a physical postcard mailed to them. And if you have more advanced tech options in mind, you can set up a direct ad campaign for the client as they browse the internet and social media.
As you work to create the perfect pitch for your leads, remember that the platform has included templates for your email, snail-mail, and direct ad campaigns. If you still prefer the cold calling approach, we can help you with that as well.

About ProspectNow

ProspectNow has been in the business since 2008 and believes in accelerating business with new data and insights. This platform isn’t just for real estate agents; investors, brokers, and traders use it every day to close more deals and make more money. If your business relies on property data, this platform is for you. ProspectNow offers comprehensive, reliable data with a smaller price tag compared to competing platforms.
If you want to keep using your own software, no problem. ProspectNow offers API integration. Empower your existing business technology with the data and analytics found on ProspectNow’s platform.
Are you ready to expand your solar installation business? Give ProspectNow a try. Sign up for a free three-day trial and see what’s available in your area. Search residential properties up to four units or try out the commercial database and see all property types available. 

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