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How To Create Commercial Real Estate Ads That Sell

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Why suffer mediocre results, at best, with your commercial real estate ads? The creation of successful commercial real estate ads follows a simple pattern that any real estate agent can implement to bring more real estate investors and brokers to your property.

Quality content, the correct writing you incorporate into your ads, does one thing. It sells. Today’s competitive marketplace requires any agent interested in converting more commercial properties to include specific content in a specific style in specific locations. Also, each of these specific areas requires you to communicate with the commercial buyer’s emotions that differ from the residential buyer which are emotional buying decisions. Commercial buying decisions are based more on the lead’s or investors’ bottom line/ROI.

Preparing To Write Your Commercial Real Estate Ads

Creating quality content means knowing precisely who your specific target audience is. Quality content intends to leave real estate brokers and investors with ‘the idea that their needs can only be met by you’ or what you are selling. Here are some tips to consider on before writing your ad:

  1. Do your research. For commercial real estate ads, this includes knowing your target audience, current trends in the local market, zoning laws and local ordinances and the commercial property details.
  2. Create a Headline that gets attention. Attention spans today are less than ever before. You have less than eight seconds to get a reader’s attention. Your headline must spark immediate interest. It incorporates some mention of the target audience’s needs.
  3. The Hook is the next three seconds for their attention. It follows the headline, and it should entice and even surprise so readers will continue to read your ad.
  4. Scanning is king. Various research has shown that 79 percent of people scan instead of reading word for word. Writing for scanning includes these format techniques: Headlines and sub-headlines, such as H1, H2, H3, etc. Most writing programs have these in their ‘design’ tabs:
  • Bullet points
  • Quotes
  • Font styles, Bold, Italicized and underlined
  • Image captions
  • Buttons for tips, ideas and important topics
  1. Use optimized digital content. It’s a Google world, and using specific search engine optimization writing styles will bring more online search traffic to your ad. Even commercial real estate ads have SEO content.
  2. Utilize quality graphics and or photos to incorporate into your ad.
  3. Read, edit, read and repeat. Many professional copywriters and content writers will tell you that quality writing starts after the second or even the third draft.

Commercial Real Estate Ads That Sells

Creating your commercial real estate ad quality content takes your research and breaks it down into three areas: heading, benefits and feature.


As discussed, the headline gets the target audience’s attention. Here are some commercial real estate words to think about including in your next commercial real estate ad headline:

  • Best, Largest Biggest
  • Quality
  • Blue Chip
  • Investment
  • Rare
  • High Profile Location
  • Premier Space
  • Retail Location Winner
  • Untapped Potential
  • Huge Growth Opportunity
  • Retail Anchor
  • ROI Generator


Always discuss benefits before features. Benefits answer the investor’s question- “What will this commercial property do for me?” Here are some examples:

  • Corner Exposure
  • Tax incentive Urban Enterprise Zone
  • Access to major local highways
  • Mass transit hub
  • Anchor stores nearby
  • Downtown location with high foot traffic
  • Large highway signage options
  • Secure facility and infrastructure
  • High demand neighborhood
  • Multiple corporate office complex neighbors
  • Low vacancy history


Now comes the inclusion of the commercial property features in your content writing. This is where the commercial real estate broker or investor visualizes what can be done with this property. Some features such as:

  • Build to suit
  • Loading docks and truck yard
  • Flexible zoning laws
  • Upgrades; HVAC, electrical, telecommunications, etc.
  • High return history
  • Foodservice locations available
  • Incredible parking options for customers and employees
  • Upgraded fire safety
  • Dividable spaces
  • Multiple egress locations for segregated vehicle traffic; commercial deliveries and customer use
  • New Roof
  • Low Maintenance landscaping

Where To Advertise

When you’ve created your ads, you have to figure out where to put them so you can target the correct leads. Don’t know where to start?  The best part of a great commercial real estate ad is that the quality content can be used in multichannel marketing options such as:


Your commercial real estate ad can be modified to a few significant benefits, features and combined with a high-quality image for installation on the billboard. Commanding the most significant ad space possible and in the right location, these ads will put you in front of countless potential clients. Incorporating the exact font specifics such as colors and styles will maintain marketing cohesion with your other marketing efforts.

Online Paid Advertising

Many search engines have a paid advertising program that charges a small fee for every click. This is an excellent commercial real estate channel because you gain large amounts of data such as display numbers, click rates, conversion rates and ROI metrics. Using this data gives you clear ad performance information that allows you to alter the content if needed. Ads are displayed when people search using your specific keywords in your SEO content. If they click on it, you pay the fee.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

The MLS and other commercial real estate websites offer an additional channel to reach brokers and investors who frequently search these sites. It also allows real estate agents to access your property listings, offering you a different medium for leads from your ad.

Trade Journals

Trade Journals offer precise targets. Suppose you have a commercial property with restaurant or manufacturing equipment and or buildouts in place. In that case, you can use your commercial real estate ad in the trade journals about these areas or any trade-specific publication depending on your property’s features.

Social Media Sites

The multitude of social media sites today keeps growing. You can create short video script formats that work well with these sites with quality content. Specific social media sites allow you to target specific audiences with your ads. Creating one ad and using it across the various sites works well and is cost-effective advertising.

With the correct content creating commercial real estate ads can be rewarding and profitable. Even new entrants into the commercial real estate industry will immediately benefit from following these simple rules for great content. Combining your next great commercial real estate ad with ProspectNow services can take your soon-to-be or existing commercial real estate portfolio to new heights and success. Since 2008, ProspectNow has delivered quality commercial real estate data for less than our competitors. Make Prospectnow your vital resource. Contact us today.

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