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How Real Estate Agents Can Warm Up Their Next Cold Call

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Real estate agents have been using cold calling scripts since the first home was ever put up for sale. Finding free cold calling scripts is as easy as a quick Google search – but what do you do with the script once you have it?

Making contact with leads, previous clients, and client referrals historically was entirely outbound – a marketing strategy in which you hoped you were reaching out at just the right moment.

But today, cold calling isn’t so much a numbers game – it’s treated more like a savvy way to bring in new clientele.

Just like in the past, though, any cold calling script takes practice. So when you find just the right free cold calling script, how can you make it work for you?

4 Tips to Warm Up Your Next Cold Call

  • Don’t fly blind
  • Introduce yourself quickly
  • Have a list of answers ready
  • Explain how you plan to market

Let’s look at these a little closer:

Don’t fly blind

Whether you write your own or you download free cold calling scripts, just remember to have it at hand when you’re making calls. Being able to have the words you need when you need them is crucial.

Practice how you’ll open the conversation and each point you’ll touch on – it helps keep you driving the conversation.

Introduce yourself quickly

It doesn’t matter if you’re using free cold calling scripts to call a well-nurtured lead or a brand-new prospect, your personal introduction should always get right to the point.

Many agents like to share their agency’s history and every sale they’ve ever had every time they make a call – this isn’t necessary and isn’t a good practice.

Consider something short and punchy, like:

“Hi, (prospect’s name). This is (your name), a local real estate agent with (your agency’s name). have you got a few moments to chat?”

This is really all that’s needed to start a conversation.

Have a list of answers ready

There are times you’ll be asked questions you might not have an answer for – prepare anyway.

As you share your agency’s details, provide your prospect with a short elevator pitch. Then, invite them to ask any questions they have. Be ready. They might ask for details regarding your recent sales, how you helped the clients, or what methods you use to market listings.

It’s essential to be ready for any potential question – if you’re asked something totally unexpected, jot it down on a notepad. Over time, you’ll improve your responses and be ready with answers you didn’t know you needed.

Explain how you plan to market

As an agent, you’re probably confident in your negation skills. You probably have a charming personality. These traits come in handy when closing clients.

That said, the marketing strategies you plan to employ could very well be the one thing they want to know most of all. Give the prospect all the details regarding how you promote homes – both on- and offline. Share how you capture pictures and videos, where you share them, and the market that most likely will see them. The more you share about how you do what you do, the more inclined a prospect will be to hire you.

Final Thoughts

In any cold calling situation, whether you’ve written your own script or you’ve found free cold calling scripts online, thinking on your feet is crucial. If you feel you don’t need a script when cold calling, just remember the above tips to keep the conversation on track. If your prospect doesn’t have time to chat, ask when a better time would be. After all, the call is all about them and what they need.

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