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Real Estate Sales Scripts: How to Land the Listing

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For real estate agencies, slow sales are often an indicator of sluggish business, lengthy disputes, or waning interest among homebuyers. Even if these things might be beyond your control, it is not a good look to require a large amount of time to close a deal on a property. The faster you close deals, the sooner you can move onto others, which is very important in the real estate business.

Why Making A Good Deal On A Property Is Hard

Oftentimes, it is very hard to get a good deal on your property for multiple reasons. Firstly, the building will depreciate over time, meaning that it will decrease in value the longer you live in it. Next, potential property buyers might find problems with the location after conducting a formal inspection, which will lead to the home being worth less than what you are charging.

How To Guarantee Quick Interest In Buyers

If you are looking to land your listing and sell your building as soon as possible, there are a few things to focus on before the location should go up for sale. Some of these considerations might require you and the seller more time to list, but they guarantee more satisfaction than before, in addition to a new owner fairly quickly.

Here are three things you can do to guarantee a fast offer on the location you are selling:

Offer A Reasonable Price

To put it simply, the price on your location has to be fair. Charge too much, and it is very unlikely for the building to sell right away. Usually, there are two options you can choose for offering a fair price: Sell the property now for its current value or invest time and money to raise the value via upgrades and/or repairs.

Share All The Necessary Info

One good reason why residential and commercial properties do not sell as fast is because there is just not enough information available to property buyers regarding the building. Commercial property buyers want to know a number of things right away, such as number of floors, size of the land and building, age, and more. Many homebuyers know what they want or need in the home, and if listings match their criteria, then the odds of a fast sale increase.

Another part of a listing that often gets overlooked is the description. Descriptions have to be beautifully written and explain the property in a positive light to seem more enticing than just statistics and pictures. Both accurate and detailed info with a positive description of the location are sure to get many people to visit it.

Stage Your Photos

Taking photographs of your building sounds like an easy task when it comes to selling it, but there is actually an art to staging, which makes a world of difference to those who are viewing it online. Firstly, consider the rooms you wish to feature, rather than photograph every room, as some may be less appealing than others in the property. Next, remove clutter from the room, such as paper work, toys, and other out-of-place objects so the room looks clean and inviting. Finally, be selective of when you take your photos. Daytime provides the best light, but if you have good angles that work against natural sunlight, consider warm indoor lighting.

How To Use ProspectNow For Real Estate

ProspectNow is a service used by commercial and residential real estate agents as an all-in-one solution for buying and selling property. ProspectNow uses predictive analysis that can find properties in your county that are likely to sell within the next year. From there, you can send postcards or email to each property owner that may benefit from using your business. From finding home or building owners to creating email campaigns, real estate agencies rely on us for easy and seamless services.

ProspectNow is the definitive real estate prospecting companion. Give us a call at your earliest convenience to learn more about ProspectNow and its price packages.

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