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How to Find Contact Info and Build Lead Lists

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Knowing how to find properties that fit your investment profile or your clients’ needs is critical to success in real estate. You have to do more than locate properties, though. You need to know how to find contact info so you can get in touch with the current owners

This isn’t always a simple task, especially when you discover that a corporation owns the property. Luckily, ProspectNow makes it easy to find the contact information you need. Make sure you know how to make the most of the database by watching this ProspectNow tutorial video about how to find contact info.

Finding Property Owner Contact Info on ProstpectNow

When you log in to your ProspectNow account, you can start finding contact info by clicking the Property Search button. The list of properties in your area will appear at the bottom of the screen. As you can see in the ProspectNow tutorial video, the phone number button for each property is highlighted in blue. Just click that button to get the owner’s phone number.

When you select a property, its details will appear in a box on the right side of your screen. Next to the Property button, you will find the Owner button. Select the tab to learn more about the person or company that owns the property. Here, you’ll find buttons for getting the phone number and email address of the owner. It even tells you whether the phone number goes to a landline or a mobile device. If the owner lives at a different address, ProspectNow will provide the address of their primary residence.

A Deeper Dive Into Owned Information

As the ProspectNow tutorial video explains, you can go deeper to learn more about property owners. Clicking the Enhance button reveals information such as the owner’s age and other contact options, such as secondary numbers and mobile phone numbers.

Once you know how to find the contact info of one owner, you can compare several. Simply repeat the process and select other properties. Then, you can export the data into an Excel spreadsheet. From here, add the spreadsheet to your CRM to create a lead list and manage all interactions with the owners. 

How to Find Contact Info for Business-Owned Properties

ProspectNow’s database goes beyond what you’ll find in public records. Many real estate professionals waste time and energy when they find business-owned properties. When a corporation or other organization owns a property, public records might not give you the correct contact information of someone who can make real estate decisions. 

ProspectNow has the real, accurate contact information for millions of decision-makers within corporations. Now you can reach out to the appropriate person the first time.

Learn How to Use More Features With These ProspectNow Tutorials

ProspectNow makes it easy to find the contact info of property owners. Still, you’ll get more out of the platform when you spend a little time learning how to use all of ProspectNow’s features. Get started by visiting the ProspectNow Tutorial page. You will find how-to videos about topics such as:

  • Searching multiple addresses
  • Finding properties within a radius
  • Sending letters and postcards to leads
  • Conducting property searches by address and features 

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ProspectNow has been helping real estate professionals succeed for over a decade (since 2008). The data on ProspectNow will cost a lot more on other competing platforms. By using ProspectNow, you can find more opportunities to close deals and earn more money! ProspectNow is a vital tool for your business success in real estate or real estate marketing. Best of all, ProspectNow is a trustworthy source of data that’s easy to do business with.

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