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How To Use Property Search on ProspectNow

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You need to know how to find available and off-market properties to succeed in real estate and real estate marketing. ProspectNow makes it easy for you to conduct searches for properties that meet your unique criteria. Now, you can watch a how-to tutorial that teaches you to use the property search feature. The following blog post covers the most steps and information about the feature. You can also watch a video version of this ProspectNow tutorial.

Features Your Learn About in the ProspectNow Tutorial

ProspectNow has robust features that make it easier to search for, find, and learn about properties that match your interests. When you learn how to use property search, you will come to rely on popular features such as:

  • Searching for properties by address
  • Using the draw function to learn about real estate in a specific area
  • Learning who owns a property
  • Filtering results by size, building type, and status (such as “for sale” and “likely to sell”)
  • Creating lists so you can contact property owners without any hassle

ProspectNow’s property search feature lets you go beyond what’s available from public records. The ProspectNow tutorial will show you exactly where to find that information.

How To Use Property Search on ProspectNow

Within the ProspectNow platform, you will find a search toolbar labeled “property search” at the top of your screen. If you know the address of the home you want to learn about, enter that information. ProspectNow’s database will immediately give you all of the data you need to make an informed decision. Property search is also a great way to find commercial and apartment buildings likely to sell.

The screen includes a map of the area you want to search. You can quickly toggle between satellite mode and map mode. Satellite mode gives you a more realistic view of the area. Map mode simplifies buildings, roads, and other objects by representing them as geometric shapes. 

Click on any building you see on the map to learn more about it.

Searching for Properties by Criteria

Sometimes you don’t want to focus on a specific property. That’s why the how-to tutorial includes instructions that tell you how to find properties that meet your unique criteria. For example, you can search for properties in the area that fall within a size range. This option makes it possible to create lists of properties that interest you.

You can also add custom criteria to help you identify specific types of properties.

Generate Lists to Contact Owners 

Learning how to use property search also teaches you how to generate lists that make contacting property owners easier. Simply choose the properties you want to pursue and export them to an Excel file. You can also use ProspectNow to send mailers and postcards directly to owners. If you prefer to call or email owners, you have those options. These are effective ways to connect with leads and generate stronger ROIs without spending a lot of time gauging interest.

Take Advantage of More ProspectNow Features

ProspectNow wants you to learn how to use every feature so you can earn more money with the platform. Visit the Training Videos page to find how-to tutorials about:

  • Searching multiple addresses
  • Sending letters and postcards
  • Finding properties within a radius
  • And much more 

Get Started With a ProspectNow Free Trial

ProspectNow has been serving real estate professionals for over a decade (since 2008). The data that you can get from ProspectNow costs a lot more money when you rely on other platforms. By using ProspectNow, you can close more deals and make more money! ProspectNow is a vital tool for business success in real estate, real estate marketing, and other markets that target property owners. Additionally, ProspectNow is a trustworthy data provider that is easy to do business with.

Experience ProspectNow and learn how to use its property search feature now by starting your free trial.

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