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How To Build a List of Properties With ProspectNow

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Real estate brokers, agents, and other professionals often build property lists to help them manage their outreach campaigns. Knowing how to build a list of properties gives you an efficient way to discover leads, send postcards to owners, and keep track of which owners you’ve contacted.

ProspectNow makes it easy to build a list of properties. Visual learners can watch this instructional video about making property lists with ProspectNow. You can also use the following steps to build a list of properties that meet your unique interests. You won’t even need to pay a third-party provider. Everything takes place within ProspectNow’s platform.

Steps To Build a List of Properties

From your ProspectNow homepage, you can click the orange Guided Search button. If you’re on a different page, you can find a Guided Search tab at the top of your screen.

When you click the link, you will see a list of actions. The first one is “Build a List of Properties.” ProspectNow will prompt you to enter the state you want to search in. Then, you can choose any county in that state.

If you want to build a list of properties in a more specific area, you can search by city, zip code, or radius around an address. You can also draw a shape on the map to define the search area.

Select “All Cities” if you want to search the entire county.

Now, ProspectNow will help you narrow your search by applying filters. You might want to focus on specific property categories, properties likely to sell within the next 12 months, or rental properties with a range of units.

ProspectNow will generate a list of the properties that match your criteria. That means you don’t need to buy leads. You can rely on the search feature to give you a list of properties, their addresses, and the contact information of owners. The database contains information about residential and commercial properties, so practically anyone can benefit from using ProspectNow to create lead lists.

Learn More Skills To Help Your Business Grow

Learning how to use more of ProspectNow’s features will make it easier for you to grow your business and increase revenues. Visit the Real Estate Video Training page to find more tutorials about using ProspectNow.

Some of the skills you can learn include:

  • Searching for properties with specific features.
  • Finding the contact information of property owners.
  • Searching for multiple addresses at once.
  • Finding properties within a radius.

The more you learn about ProspectNow’s features, the more effective the platform becomes.

Build a List of Properties With Your Free Trial

ProspectNow has helped real estate brokers, agents, and other professionals build property lists for more than a decade. The platform provides reliable, accurate data that makes contacting residential and commercial property owners easier than ever.

By using ProspectNow, you will generate more leads and close more deals. For many professionals, learning how to generate property lists is the first step toward more conversions and higher revenues.

You don’t have to spend any money discovering whether you like how ProspectNow helps you build a list of properties. Instead, you can experience the benefits of ProspectNow and start practicing how to build a list of properties by starting your trial today.

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