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Save Time by Searching for Multiple Properties at Once

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Real estate professionals often find it convenient to store contact information in Excel spreadsheets. That way, you can organize and manage all of the data you need to close deals. ProspectNow lets you use those spreadsheets to search for multiple addresses simultaneously.

You can learn more about searching for multiple addresses at the same time by watching this video. Alternatively, you can keep reading to get step-by-step instructions.

Searching for Multiple Addresses in ProspectNow

To search for multiple addresses in ProspectNow, go to your account’s home page and click “Guided Search.” The platform will redirect you to a page with several options. Select “Find Multiple Properties From My List.”

Next, you will find a page that says “Enter List of Addresses.” It also gives you an example of correct formatting and incorrect formatting. Make sure the information in your spreadsheet conforms to the correct format. Otherwise, ProspectNow will not know how to search for the properties you enter.

After you check your addresses’ formatting, select them in your spreadsheet. Copy the information and paste it into the box that says “Enter addresses separated by line.”

From here, you can ask ProspectNow to find all of the addresses in your list.

You also have the option to click the boxes that say “Likely Sale” and “Likely Refi.” If you select these boxes, ProspectNow will apply its predictive analytics to your multiple addresses. This will eliminate properties that the platform does not believe will sell or need refinancing within the next 12 months. It’s an easy way to narrow your options so you can focus on leads that are likely to convert.

ProspectNow can apply predictive analytics to residential and commercial real estate.

Reviewing Your Multiple Address Listing

Now, you can use ProspectNow as you normally would. You will see a map that identifies the locations of your properties. The lower part of your screen will list the properties and critical information about the real estate. You can always click on an individual listing to find more information that will help you tailor your lead sheet.

The listings also include buttons that will take you to the owner’s contact information. Some people and companies own multiple properties. Don’t assume that the owner uses the address on file. You might need to send letters and postcards to different locations.

Learn More ProspectNow Features From Training Videos

If you want to learn more about using ProspectNow features, you can find instructional videos on this page. The videos cover features that will help you:

  • Send postcards and letters that convert leads into clients.
  • Get owner contact info.
  • Search for properties that match unique parameters.
  • Use the drawing tool to find properties within a specific area on a map.

Many of ProspectNow’s features work in coordination with each other. The more you learn, the more effective the platform becomes.

Practice Searching Multiple Addresses With a Free Trial

ProspectNow has been serving real estate brokers, agents, and other professionals since 2008. The data you find on ProspectNow costs a lot more on competing platforms. By choosing ProspectNow, you will create more opportunities to generate leads and close deals. That means earning more revenue to grow your business.

Knowing how to search multiple addresses should help you reach your goals. Start a free trial with ProspectNow so you can explore the feature and see how it benefits you.

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