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Finding Motivated Sellers in Your Market Region

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Finding Motivated Seller Leads in Your Market Region

A motivated seller wants to sell their property quickly for cash. These sellers are more likely to accept below-market offers from buyers. This can speed up a real estate transaction and free up resources for your agents.

Instead of a property sale dragging on for months, you can find an interested buyer, close on a purchase, and generate a commission in a much quicker timeframe. 

But what is the best way to find motivated sellers? 

ProspectNow is the machine-learning-based property and owner database that finds motivated seller leads in your region. ProspectNow will help you find contact information and view properties predicted to sell or refinance in the next 12 months. 

Learn about the best way to find motivated sellers below.

What Are Motivated Seller Leads?

Motivated sellers need to sell their properties quickly for cash. That could happen because of the following reasons:

  • The seller might lose their home because of foreclosure.
  • The seller is moving out of the area and doesn’t want to wait months to sell their property.
  • The seller is going through a divorce and wants to split the proceeds of their property with their ex-partner.
  • The seller’s property requires expensive renovations or repairs but cannot afford to pay them. 
  • The seller cannot afford to pay expensive property taxes on their residential or commercial unit.
  • The seller rents out their property, cannot find suitable tenants, and is losing out on rental income. 
  • A family emergency or other life event means the seller has to sell their property fast.

Because motivated sellers want to give up their properties quickly, they might be more willing to accept the first offer or take a lower price. That can significantly reduce agent workload in your real estate firm, closing deals faster with fewer contractual obligations. 

How Prospect Now Finds Motivated Seller Leads

Looking for the best way to find motivated sellers? There are various methods for sourcing leads in your region:

  • Networking: Maintaining relationships with contractors, property investors, and even local real estate attorneys might help you locate motivated sellers.
  • Direct mail: Mailing flyers to property owners in your region might result in phone calls to your real estate firm from a motivated seller or two. 
  • Cold calling: Calling property owners and asking whether they plan to put their residential or commercial units on the market might unearth a few motivated sellers. 
  • Optimizing your website: You could even optimize your website to attract property owners looking for a quick sale. You can create content with relevant keywords to increase your chances of webpages appearing in search engine results. 

As you can see, these methods require patience and ongoing commitments that eat into agent time. 

What if There Were a Simpler Solution?

ProspectNow uses predictive analytics to forecast the off-market deals that are the most likely to close in the next 12 months. For example, you can find property owners who purchase residential units and sell those units in a short amount of time, which suggests those properties are “fix and flip” investments that require a quick sale. 

That’s not all. Through ProspectNow’s database, you can get comparables, market fit, and previous valuation information with a few clicks. That helps agents find the most profitable motivated sellers that generate the biggest commission opportunities. 

With ProspectNow, there’s no guesswork. You don’t have to waste time cold calling thousands of property owners just to find a handful of motivated sellers. All the information you need to find these leads is available in this easy-to-use tool. It’s the best way to find motivated sellers!

You can also view sales, listing, detailed ownership, and loan origination data for every property in the U.S. on ProspectNow. By unlocking these insights, you can learn more about your market and identify patterns and trends that identify motivational seller leads.

What Happens Next?

After you find motivated sellers in your specific region through PropsectNow, you can contact these leads via phone, email, or mail without leaving your desk. That process might go something like this:

  • You tell the motivated seller that you have received intelligence about them possibly selling their property shortly. 
  • You explain why your experience, reputation, and credentials make you the best real estate firm to sell their property.
  • You explain that you can list the property, assist with home inspections, facilitate legal processes, match the property with a suitable buyer, and close the sale quickly.

ProspectNow provides you with all the contact details for motivated sellers. This allows you to engage with potential leads in your market. 

Using ProspectNow’s property and owner database, you could be the first real estate firm to contact the motivated seller. This increases your chances of working with the lead. Instead of waiting for motivated sellers to contact your firm, you can be proactive in your approach. 

Final Word About the Best Way to Find Motivated Sellers 

Motivated seller leads are looking for quick cash sales for various reasons and are more likely to accept lower buyer offers. That means you can free up agent resources in your real estate business because you can close a deal in a shorter time frame.

Sourcing motivated sellers can be tough when relying on cold calling, networking, and other methods. ProspectNow helps you find lucrative leads in your region without the hard work.

With ProspectNow, every property in America is at your fingertips. Start your free trial now!

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