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LionDesk Review: Finding the Right Real Estate CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential component of your real estate business. With so many options available on the market today, it can be challenging to find the right CRM software for you.  LionDesk is one of many real estate-specific CRMs to choose from. As you try or research new options, we wanted to provide […]

A Full Guide to Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate

Success in real estate often depends on several factors, including how well you can use technology to your advantage. Over the last couple of decades, digital transformation has become increasingly necessary in real estate. Now, there’s a new technology on the horizon that could change the way people buy, sell, and think about property. This guide to […]

What Is Virtual Real Estate in the Metaverse?

When you think of booming real estate markets in 2022, your list of locations probably includes cities like Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Nashville, Phoenix, and Atlanta. Those markets certainly have a lot to offer real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and investors interested in residential property. One of the hottest real estate markets isn’t in these or any […]

How to Wholesale Real Estate

In this uncertain economy, many people are searching for an alternative to stocks as an investment strategy. Fears of inflation and a bear market may make you afraid to invest at all. However, real estate is still a solid way to grow your money.  As a real estate professional or enthusiast, you know that you […]

Building Owners List: Finding Commercial Property Owners in Your Market

Commercial real estate professionals have basically two goals — find more clients and close more sales. In commercial property, though, finding the current owners of commercial property can be challenging. Commercial property owners are often sought after and as a result, in many cases, choose to keep their contact information private. But a vast part […]

What is a Capitalization Rate and How Do You Use a Cap Rate Calculator? 

In the world of commercial real estate, one of the most important considerations for buying is the overall profitability potential of a specific property. Before you invest your money into a property, you need to know what to expect when it comes to the return on your money. How much can you expect, and how […]

How to Get a Heloc on Investment Property

If you own residential or commercial property, you may currently be sitting on an untapped source of funds. If you have stagnant equity in your home, business, or investment property, you may be doing your finances a huge disservice. You can take that money and turn it into an opportunity for profit with the help […]

Basics of Blockchain in Real Estate

Blockchain technology has already disrupted several industries, including online payment processing and data storage. However, many experts believe that blockchain specialists have only scratched the surface of what the technology can do. Blockchains in real estate have already influenced how some investors, buyers, sellers, and professionals behave. Blockchains will likely have an even greater impact […]

Tips for Excellent ROI Commercial Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is an excellent, long-term investment, but it requires excellent management and realistic expectations. You cannot afford to guess how much money you will make from a property. Instead, you need to determine potential and actual ROI.  All real estate investors are looking for a solid and sustainable return on their commercial […]

How the BRRRR Method Makes Flipping a Distressed House Profitable

Buying real estate is a time-honored investment that can provide long-term passive income while increasing its value. Land lasts, as the saying goes, and is something that can produce profits for decades. The difficult part is deciding which properties will make the best investments for reaching your financial goals.   As an investor, you may have […]