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What is the Biggest Challenge in the Real Estate Industry?

What Challenges Are Facing the Real Estate Industry? The real estate industry witnessed an unprecedented boom during the pandemic, but things are starting to slow down. Mortgage rates soared in 2022 and just began backing down at the end of 2022. Home prices also began falling to somewhat normal levels, but as anyone in the […]

Is Commercial Real Estate Recession Proof?

Is Commercial Real Estate Recession-Proof? You’ve already heard about how the current cost-of-living crisis and possible impending recession have impacted mortgage loans for homebuyers in the United States. (The current average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is a whopping 7.32%, making buying a new home unaffordable for many Americans.)  But what about commercial real […]

Getting Real Estate Leads as a New Agent

Getting Real Estate Leads as a New Agent So you’ve completed your real estate education and received your license. You’ve just joined a firm or started a business of your own. Congratulations — you’re finally a realtor! The problem is that you need new leads to kick-start your career and don’t know where to find […]

How Many Americans Are Renting VS. Buying?

How Many Americans Are Renting VS. Buying? Nearly 3 in 4 renters say they want to own a home, yet less than half can afford to buy a home in their area. This narrative of low affordability is not new, but it echoes louder than ever following the pandemic, where we saw sky-high housing prices. […]

Less Homes Being Built and How it Affects the Market

Will Fewer New Construction Homes Impact the Market? Low mortgage rates during the pandemic sent the housing market on an unprecedented run. Now, with buying power and mortgage affordability plummeting, the demand for homes is falling. However, prices remain elevated and complex factors on both sides of the equation could lead to a different outcome […]

The Last 5 Years of the Housing Market Cycle

Can the Housing Market Cycle of the Past 5 Years Help Predict the Future Market? Real estate follows fairly predictable cycles. However, the pandemic of 2020 unseated the fairly steady housing market patterns established in recent years. This instability can make it challenging to predict when to enter the market, whether you’re buying a home […]

How a Mortgage Buydown Can Help Your Client Get a Lower Interest Rate

Getting a lower interest rate is bound to be a top priority for anyone looking to buy a home right now. As a real estate agent, arming yourself with the right information can help you respond helpfully to your client’s hesitations and close more deals. So, is it possible to get a lower interest rate […]

Finding Motivated Sellers of Off-Market Properties

Finding Motivated Sellers of Off-Market Properties Learning how to find motivated sellers is a critical skill for real estate agents and investors alike. Of course, your goal is to find these sellers before they list their property. It might sound tricky, but with this advice, you’ll be able to locate them first and easily make contact. What […]

How Rising Layoffs Will Impact the Real Estate Market

How Rising Layoffs Actually Impact the Real Estate Market During the pandemic, central banks dropped interest rates to bolster slow markets and keep the economy moving. What happened next was completely unplanned. Consumer confidence skyrocketed, causing a housing market boom that more than offset whatever uncertainty the pandemic had caused.  In the years following the […]

How to Find Distressed Properties

How to Find Distressed Properties in Your Market Right Now Real estate investors often search for fancy new residential or commercial units in new communities that can make a quick buck. These properties can sometimes generate lucrative real estate income and quickly skyrocket in value when more people want to move to that area.  However, […]