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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan

There is a multitude of things real estate agents must consider when devising the ultimate commercial real estate marketing plan. The commercial real estate industry is ever evolving. Staying organized and maintaining your priorities is crucial. The current digital revolution has affected every industry – but perhaps real estate has seen the greatest disruption. This […]

Are Liens on Property Public Record?

If you are buying or selling a property, then you might have wondered about liens, and whether liens are in a property’s public records. Since the discovery of a lien against a property can derail the entire sale, you want to know if any exist. Find out more about property liens, and learn where to […]

When Is the Best Time to Call Expired Listings?

Successful real estate agents typically devote several hours each day to prospecting. Expired listings provide many real estate agents with a rich source of prospects. But when is the best time to call expired listings? Learn this and other tips for harvesting these potential leads. What Is an Expired Listing? When an owner decides to […]

Types of Commercial Real Estate

A deeper understanding of popular types of commercial real estate should make it easier for you to identify opportunities for choosing investment properties. Buying commercial real estate always involves some back and forth with the current owner. You can make the process much easier, however, by using a database that gives you the accurate contact […]

How To Find Mixed-Use Development for Sale

Many residents prefer walkable communities so much that the property values of homes and apartments in “15-minute cities” (where you can walk practically anywhere within 15 minutes) have skyrocketed in recent years. Some businesses also like mixed-use developments because the areas tend to have high levels of foot traffic. Although pedestrian foot traffic fell by […]

How To Create Commercial Real Estate Ads That Sell

Why suffer mediocre results, at best, with your commercial real estate ads? The creation of successful commercial real estate ads follows a simple pattern that any real estate agent can implement to bring more real estate investors and brokers to your property. Quality content, the correct writing you incorporate into your ads, does one thing. […]

The Best Way To Use a CRM in Real Estate

Real estate Client Relationship Management can be intricate, time-consuming and create information overload. One misstep with a lead or client can lead to disaster and errors can quickly occur when a real estate agent is trying to manage clients without a CRM.  These software programs offer the real estate professional an automated ability to manage […]

7 Common Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases

Just as commercial real estate properties come in many forms, so do commercial real estate leases. Though every lease can be customized according to the peculiar features of the property, property owner interests, or business of the lessee, leases generally take the form of one of the seven common types of commercial real estate leases detailed […]

How to Find Off-Market Homes for Sale by Owner

The number of days that a home spends on the market before getting purchased has been falling for several years. In 2017, sellers could expect to wait 60 to 95 days before selling their homes. In 2021, the average wait times fell to about 35 to 60 days. While these numbers offer some insight into […]

How to Find Free Commercial Real Estate Comps

There are a few ways for you to get free commercial real estate comps that will make it easier for you to target properties that match your investment, selling, or marketing strategy. Of course, some options take a lot more energy and time than others. Let’s start with the more complicated (although usually free!) ways […]