4 Sales Prospecting Strategies Most Agents Have Never Tried

Sales prospecting is often one of the biggest challenges real estate agents face simply because it’s time consuming. The hard truth is that if you continue to take the same approach as every other agent, you will not stand out or accomplish more than they do when it comes to gaining new clients. If you want to get different results than everyone else, try these four prospecting strategies that most agents have never tried.

Amp Up Marketing with Videos

Using video for sales prospecting can help increase engagement with email blasts. The video does not have to be anything to formal, scripted or fancy, it can just be a quick video where you are talking to the camera and saying a few educational words. You may be surprised at how a simple video can get people to engage with your content and how many leads will move down your sales funnel.

Learn from Losses

Take a close look at the last five deals you didn’t land and ask yourself what you could have done differently or better. If you lost to a competitor, find out what they did better or differently in order to win the deal. The best real estate agents are constantly seeking feedback in order to improve. The more knowledge you have, the more likely it is that you will land your next pitch.

Reach out to prospects and simply ask what you could have done different and you may be able to resurrect the deal. Maybe it wasn’t the right time and maybe just seeing that you are dedicated and want to improve will be enough to turn things around for the next time they want to buy or sell a home or even for them to refer you to someone who is looking.

Build Social Media Presence

Prospecting via social media is one of the easiest and most effective new ways to get in with potential new clients. LinkedIn and Twitter are two exciting platforms that can help you get your name in front of key people simply by sharing and commenting on articles and posts. Residential agents may be able to land new meetings by finding people with mutual connections and asking for an introduction via LinkedIn.

Ask for Referrals

Maybe you have asked for referrals before but how have you approached it? Try to map out a solid process for referrals by creating a follow up email template that you can send to every client after the close of a sale for them to fill out and give you the names of others looking to buy or sell a home. An email that offers a form that is simple and easy to fill out can help you create a database of already warm leads for you to work with and it takes minimal effort.

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