Sales Scripts: Not Just for New Agents (and How to Land the Listing)

Throw away the idea that sales scripts are only for new agents. A great sales script can save even the most seasoned real estate agent time and help them land more listing appointments which lead to more sales. Let’s take a look at how to use sales scripts to win listing appointments and land new listings.

Dangle the Bait

Offer something enticing with an urgent opportunity.

Hi, My name is _________ and I work for ______________. Are you the homeowner of __________. We have buyers currently very interested in purchasing a home in your neighborhood. Would you consider selling your home if you had a few buyers lined up?

Leverage a Recent Sale

This can help homeowners recognize that if their neighbors sold their home for a certain amount, they can too. Sometimes people choose not to market their home because they fear it will sit on the market for too long or that they won’t receive the price they want.

“Hello, I recently sold a property in your neighborhood at ________________ and was wondering if you have thought about selling your home if you knew you could sell it at a substantial price?

Boast About How Hot the Neighborhood Is

A lot of time people do not know how much their home has appreciated in value. The goal of this script is to get them to consider the conditions of the current real estate market and what this can mean for the sale of their home.

“Hi, my name is _________ and I work with ____________. As you probably know, your neighborhood market is on fire. I was wondering if you had thought about listing your home now that the home values in your neighborhood are higher than they have ever been. There is a lot of demand for homes in your neighborhood and there are not many for sale right now, which could mean a big opportunity for you.”

Use a Referral Method

This type of script allows you to connect with someone based on common ground, whether you were referred by a friend, former client or you have children who may go to the same school. It has been proven that people are more likely to list their home with an agent they know have been referred to by friends or family.

“Hi, this is ____________. We know each other from (event, party, etc.). How have you been? I was calling because as you may know, I am a real estate agent and I am touching base with friends and family to see if they have thought about upgrading, downsizing or selling your home. Have you yourself considered it given the positive real estate market we are in right now? Buyers are very interested in your neighborhood and it could be a great chance for you to sell your home quickly for a maximum profit.”

Having a sales script is not for beginner real estate agents and can really help to drive the cold calling to a more successful and positive process.