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Deliver Digital Ads Directly to Property Owners Most Likely to Sell or Refi

So you have identified the properties most likely to sell or refi in your target market…now what? With ProspectNow’s predictive digital marketing platform, you can deliver digital ads direct to the homeowners as they browse the internet from their house. For example, say a property owner is ranked as a 91 out of 100 on our likely seller. We can identify that household and when they visit popular website such as Yahoo, MSN, CNN, or others, they will see your ad.

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We Deliver Your Ads to Actual Human Beings. Not Robots.

It sounds hard to believe but, more than half of internet ads are actually never seen by a human being. Can you believe that? Bots and crawlers scour the internet and are triggering ads to be displayed that will never reach their intended audience. This costs advertisers billions of dollars in wasted ad spend.

ProspectNow Virtually Eliminates Non-Human Ad Traffic using IP Targeting Technology

Ip Targeting Technology is the process of mapping a physical address to the IP address that members of that household use to browse the internet. Since we know with a 95% confidence that the IP address belongs to that target household…we can deliver ads only to that IP and deliver your message directly to the intended audience without waste. Couple this with our predictive analytics technology to identify properties most likely to sell or refinance…we can offer lenders and real estate companies a much greater return on their ad spend.

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How Does it Work?


We help you identify your target list. For example, properties predicted to refinance in the 95125 zip code.


You provide us with the banner ads and creative you'd like to show to members of these households.


You tell us where you'd like to direct visitors that click on your ads.


We identify a budget and the number of times you'd like your ad to be seen.


That's it! We launch your campaign and you are off and running.

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