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  • View Properties Predicted to Sell or Refi in the Next 12 months
  • Comprehensive Coverage for 155 Million Properties and 18 Million Businesses
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Every Property In America At Your Fingertips

The best property information online

View detailed ownership, sales, listing, and loan origination data for every property in the United States. Unlock new insights and make valuable connections that you never even knew existed with ease.

Find likely sellers or borrowers

Imagine having your own personal research assistant who analyzes transactions 24/7, collects tons of valuable data, and shows you which properties are most likely to sell or refinance in the next 12 months.

Grow your network faster than ever

Enrich your existing database to see which leads are most likely to sell or refinance in the next 12 months, or see which properties have sold recently and get contact information for the new owner.

Join over 33,000 users and growing

Since 2008, ProspectNow has helped thousands of professionals around the world. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a Fortune 50 lender, ProspectNow can help move the needle for your business fast.

No More Painful Research

Property owners can be hard to reach, and sifting through generic bulk data is frustrating and tedious.

What if you could take machine learning, artificial intelligence, and combine it with premium data, to prospect 10x more effectively?

ProspectNow is the only AI-powered research and outreach tool that’s backed by the most complete property data archive in the industry.

With property owner info, tenant, transaction, lien, MLS, and foreclosure information covering every property in the country,  you can find what you need fast with ProspectNow.

More Deals. Less Noise.

Built with today’s technology and tomorrow’s innovation in mind, ProspectNow is the only machine learning-based data platform that surfaces the right opportunities instantly, so you can spend less time on manual research, and more time doing work that matters.

Just plug in your property preferences, and ProspectNow will walk you through the easy-to-use process of identifying likely sellers or borrowers. 

Our true machine learning models never stops analyzing data so that you can quickly find high-probability prospects before they turn into your competition’s opportunity.

Who We Serve

Real Estate Sales and Brokerage

Develop new relationships with likely sellers up to 12 months before they list, without extra research.

Banks, Lending, & Finance

Originate more loans and grow commercial relationships faster than ever.

Property Service Providers

Find the information you need to reach property decision makers at the right time.

Tax and Insurance Professionals

Find owners of multiple properties for cost segregation. Find properties with upcoming policy renewals..

Our Mission

As former commercial real estate brokers, our founding team saw the need for actionable tools that could help them scale their businesses and save them money so they could focus on more important things.   
ProspectNow uses authentic machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize new business activity by intelligently recommending the right prospects for our clients. 
Through ProspectNow, anyone can quickly make personal connections with property owners and craft effective messaging to successfully capture them as clients. 
Collectively, ProspectNow customers have saved tens of thousands of hours and closed billions of dollars in transactions.
We invite you to join them today.

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