Sales Scripts: Not Just for New Agents (and How to Land the Listing)

Throw away the idea that sales scripts are only for new agents. A great sales script can save even the most seasoned real estate agent time and help them land more listing appointments which lead to more sales. Let’s take a look at how to use sales scripts to win listing appointments and land new listings.

Dangle the Bait

Offer something enticing with an urgent opportunity.

Hi, My name is _________ and I work for ______________. Are you the homeowner of __________. We have buyers currently very interested in purchasing a home in your neighborhood. Would you consider selling your home if you had a few buyers lined up?

Leverage a Recent Sale

This can help homeowners recognize that if their neighbors sold their home for a certain amount, they can too. Sometimes people choose not to market their home because they fear it will sit on the market for too long or that they won’t receive the price they want.

“Hello, I recently sold a property in your neighborhood at ________________ and was wondering if you have thought about selling your home if you knew you could sell it at a substantial price?

Boast About How Hot the Neighborhood Is

A lot of time people do not know how much their home has appreciated in value. The goal of this script is to get them to consider the conditions of the current real estate market and what this can mean for the sale of their home.

“Hi, my name is _________ and I work with ____________. As you probably know, your neighborhood market is on fire. I was wondering if you had thought about listing your home now that the home values in your neighborhood are higher than they have ever been. There is a lot of demand for homes in your neighborhood and there are not many for sale right now, which could mean a big opportunity for you.”

Use a Referral Method

This type of script allows you to connect with someone based on common ground, whether you were referred by a friend, former client or you have children who may go to the same school. It has been proven that people are more likely to list their home with an agent they know have been referred to by friends or family.

“Hi, this is ____________. We know each other from (event, party, etc.). How have you been? I was calling because as you may know, I am a real estate agent and I am touching base with friends and family to see if they have thought about upgrading, downsizing or selling your home. Have you yourself considered it given the positive real estate market we are in right now? Buyers are very interested in your neighborhood and it could be a great chance for you to sell your home quickly for a maximum profit.”

Having a sales script is not for beginner real estate agents and can really help to drive the cold calling to a more successful and positive process.

Winning Expired Listings: 4 Tips for New Agents

The MLS contains many expired listings, and each is a true opportunity to gain a new client and land another closing. For sellers, it can be frustrating to go through the process of putting a home on the market only for it to sit on the market and not sell – this just gives you the chance to help the owner sell the home in a fresh new way that the previous agent could not accomplish. Here are four tips to help new agents win expired listings.

Take a Second Look at Price

More often than not, a home does not sell simply because the price of the home is not in line with the home’s value. A seller may think their home is worth more than it is, but this does not mean you go into a pitch with the top priority being to lower the price of the home. Approach the situation carefully and explain exactly why you value the home lower and then suggest a lower asking price after you have built rapport with the seller.

Show Your Differentiating Characteristics

One of the key ways to land an expired listing is to show how you will approach selling the home differently than the previous listing agent. If you show up to a pitch with the same plan as the previous real estate agent they worked with, then a seller has no reason to believe you will be able to sell their home if the other couldn’t. Craft a very different and unique approach by first speaking with the seller to find out what they thought the previous agent could have done better and then developing a plan to improve upon it.

Be Persistent

Winning an expired listing doesn’t happen just by calling a seller and keeping your fingers crossed. Be persistent in your approach and reach out via email as well to give the seller options as to how they want to communicate with you. Some people simply communicate better via email because it’s easier for them. Show the seller that you truly are interested in helping them sell their home by being persistent but not pushy. Don’t call more than once a day but reach out a least a few times throughout the week.

Show Visuals

Show sellers visual representations of how you will sell the home differently. The stronger your value proposition, the more likely a seller will choose you. Materials can be brochures of previous homes you have sold, testimonials from clients and examples of the marketing and advertising you can provide them. A professional brochure or catalog can make a big splash with sellers as they can visually see what you can offer them.

ProspectNow Can Help You Land Expired Listings

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5 Ways to Build Relationships with Leads in a Digital World

When building a successful real estate business, it’s important to maintain healthy relationships with your prospects and clients, especially in a technology-driven world where there is less face-to-face interaction. So how can you build relationships with leads in a digital world? Let’s find out.

Send Drip Marketing Campaigns

People check emails constantly, which makes it one of the most successful forms of communication. A great way to establish a relationship with leads is to add them to your drip marketing campaign list. This way, they will receive valuable information from you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis when you send out your newsletter. Use your CRM to create fabulous newsletters with information on the market, popular neighborhoods, featured home listings you have, or real estate trends.

Interact on Social Media

Establish a strong digital presence and interact with clients and prospects on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Share articles, post listings and engage with your audience on social media. This is a fun, free and casual way to continue to build relationships with leads. Try to spend at least ten minutes a day on social media to stay relevant and interact with your leads. You never know what information is out there that you could utilize in your next listing meeting.

Send a Quick Text

This one may seem like a stretch, but more and more people are favoring communication via text rather than over the phone. Follow up with a lead with a text message to give them the time to respond when they aren’t busy and to give them an easy line of communication with you. Texting is a less formal than a phone call or email, but is still a great way to communicate with leads.

Advertise Online

One of the most exciting features of ProspectNow is digital marketing via online ads. ProspectNow will place your ads directly in front of leads and will market to your targeted audience of likely sellers and refinancers as they browse the internet. This gets you in front of the people who you want to work with and ProspectNow’s software makes it easy.

Start a Blog

A blog is a unique platform that you can add to your business website. Leads can revert to your blog for information and to get to know your business and your personality better. This is a great way for you to have full control over content and to offer a closer look into how you work. Blogs can be on any topic from hot neighborhoods to home renovation tips. You can include your blog posts in your newsletter to drive more traffic to the blog as well.

ProspectNow is the most effective prospecting system in real estate and can help you expand your brand online. Contact us today with any questions you may have and try out a demo to see how our software can help you boost your sales.

5 Smart Ways Agents Can Improve Their Prospecting Calls

Prospecting calls have one goal: to convert the potential client into an actual client. Whether you love prospecting via phone or not, as a real estate agent it is one of the biggest parts of your job so it’s important that you are at the top of your game every time you pick up the phone. All it takes is a little practice using these five smart ways agents can improve prospecting calls and help you close more deals and gain new clients.

Research the Prospect

Cold calling is hard to begin with – don’t make it harder on yourself by not taking the time to research who you are calling. The more you know, the better rapport you will have with the prospect, because you are proving you care. A quick Google search or LinkedIn search should give you enough details for a successful cold call.

Believe in Your Product (You)

If you don’t believe that you can help the client and have the knowledge to do so, you should probably consider a career change. Your lack of confidence will certainly translate over the phone, so just be yourself and believe in your talents. If you are feeling less than confident, take a few minutes to determine what areas you can work on to improve yourself.

Be Personable

Sounding like a robot on the phone will most likely result in a hang-up. Don’t try to emulate someone other than yourself, because that will result in you losing that raw realness that people crave. There are ways to improve your pitch, but not in a way that makes you sound inauthentic. Relax and have a real conversation. Go off script – you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Be Kind

One of the most important traits of a successful cold call is having a positive attitude and being kind. If you seem uninterested when you make the phone call, you will make the person on the end of the line feel exactly the same way. Cold calling is one of the hardest parts of being a real estate agent but you must do it to build your client list and increase sales. Even just smiling while on the phone will translate to your prospect. No one wants to work with someone who has a negative attitude. Be light and positive.

Have a plan in place for when you are going to reach out to prospects. Determine what time is the best time to call by considering time zones, etc. Don’t call prospects outside of regular business operating hours and be understanding if they say it isn’t a good time to speak when you do call. Be sure to give them specific times they can call you to continue the line of communication. Try to target the most probable sale first and then go from there. The hottest lead will probably result in a longer phone call, so keep that in mind.

Agents: Bookmark These 10 Sources for Free Stock Photos

There is no better time than now to step up your marketing game. With a new year, you can explore more options for how to improve your marketing technique by making your newsletters, website and email campaigns more visual with free stock photos. We have compiled a list of sites that offer free stock photography for you to make your marketing collateral come to vibrantly come to life.


This site is a dream hub of photos for your website. The site has an easy-to-use search function and the images are absolutely stunning and many do not require any attribution.


This site has a very streamlined layout and has very specifically curated collection of photos. The selection is not terribly large, but the photos included on the site cover a wide range of topics, everything from landscapes to even antiques. You can surely find photography suitable for your newsletters or website on MorgueFile.


Imagebase is a collection of free stock photos that can be freely used for personal, commercial, non-profit, artistic or creative purposes. You can find stock photos of people, nature, cities, and so much more on Imagebase.


There are over 35,000 free stock photos and you don’t even have to register to use them. The site is well-designed, allowing easy and quick access to the photography. The site also has a collection of Photoshop tutorials.


On Fotolia, there is a collection of over 20 million premium royalty-free stock photos for you to use in your marketing pieces. These images are constantly changing and images range in size from 425 x 280 pixels up to 3,400 x 2,300 pixels


Unsplash offers amazing real estate photography that are high quality and completely free to use in any way you’d like. The images are taken by photographers from around the world.

Superfamous Studios

This site offers photography by professional artist, Dutch designer Folkert Gorter. This site is completely free, but the license asks that you attribute any of the photos you use in your marketing campaigns.


New photos are added daily to the site and offers a wide selection of high-quality images to fit a variety of different topics. This is the perfect place to look for photos to include on your website or in a new blog post.


The photos on Freerange come from a pool of both in-house professional photographers and a growing community of outside contributors. There are a lot of options to choose from and the photos are all great quality.


Hubspot noticed there was a shortage of high-quality free stock images available for marketing, so they decided to join in on the fun. You can easily browse through their collection to find the perfect image for your newsletter or marketing campaign email.

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4 Tips for CRE Agents Trying to Excel at Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Hyper-targeted marketing can be the key to your success when working to find and present your message to the ideal prospective sellers in your market. In a technology-driven world, there are so many options for sellers, making the competition fiercer than ever before. Let’s take a look at four tips for CRE Agents trying to excel at hyper-targeted marketing.

Go Hyper-Local

When advertising a new property or any other important update, focus efforts on very specific regions, cities and submarkets. If you have the info available, try targeting clients based in specific zip codes and submarkets, rather than targeting an entire city or suburb. Do some market research and find out what the absorption and vacancy rates are for certain submarkets and try to target those with the most promising numbers. This information will also help you sell that submarket to potential tenants and buyers.

Know the Target Audience

Are you looking to target investors? Small business owners? Perhaps foreign capital? Zeroing in on the desired target audience will help make your communication more effective by ensuring that you are sending the right message that is relevant to the right audience.

Market By Property Type

Hyper-targeting your marketing efforts can also apply to the type of property you are trying to lease or sell, from office buildings to industrial warehouses and even multifamily properties. For example, technology companies may be a great fit for creative office spaces, while a law firm may be seeking traditional office spaces.

Target with Timing

Timing is an important factor in the marketplace in addition to location. Consider the timing of your marketing and communications – are you targeting companies who are looking to move now, in a few months or in the next year? Your timing can mean the difference between a response or no response. Tenants and buyers in the market may have specific timelines – do a little digging and find out when their current lease ends and try to target the timing to align with when they are beginning their commercial real estate property search.

In today’s competitive real estate market, you need to do more than just deliver the right message – you need to reach the right audience. While many prospective clients may be receiving a wide array of info from both competitors, you can stand out from these by letting these potential clients know what you have to offer and how you can help them accomplish their real estate goals. To learn more about hyper-targeted marketing be sure to check out our blog “What is Hyper-Target Marketing and Why Should I Care?”

ProspectNow’s online database of predicted sellers opens up new doors in the world of hyper-targeted marketing, allowing agents access to over 10 million commercial properties nationwide, as well as an in-depth tenant database.

Along with these insights, ProspectNow offers full service contact management, allowing you to generate and manage leads with ease. Start your free trial today to get started!

4 Tips Residential Agents Can Use for Landing Expired Listings

A simple MLS query will bring up plenty of expired listings, each offering a new opportunity for you to make another sale and gain a new client. Sellers have just been through the process of trying to sell their home and working with an agent who was not successful, so they are more than likely frustrated with the process and are looking for new, fresh ways to sell their home.

Here are four tips residential agents can use for landing expired listings.

#1. Prove You’re Different

Why are you the right agent this time around? The sellers need to know that you are not just better, but that you will take a different approach to selling their home. Half a dozen other agents are also trying to gain the re-listing assignment, so you need to prove how you will be successful in marketing and selling their home.

Perhaps you have a cutting edge marketing program that includes submitting the listing to Trulia, you participate in listing podcasts, offer virtual tours or have an online listing exchange with other agents in the same area. Give the sellers references to past clients you have worked with, show them hard stats and data that will help prove you are right for the job.

#2. Be Mindful of Price

The reason many listings expire is because they had too high of a price tag. This is often because the seller believes their home is worth more than it is – be mindful and don’t immediately pitch to the seller that you’d like to lower the asking price by $30,000.

Give concrete reasons for why you believe the price should be adjusted to earn the listing. Ask the seller on their thoughts about why the home didn’t sell and give them your thoughts as well. Earn the seller’s trust and prove yourself before jumping to lowering the asking price.

#3. Be Proactive

Don’t assume that since a listing expired, that the sellers will use the same agent to re-list the property. Pick up the phone and talk to the seller to find out background on the situation and to gain more insight as to why the property may not have sold.

Commit to making an effort and putting together a plan of action to present to the seller to earn the listing. Don’t be discouraged by the competition – present the seller with valuable and proven information to show them that you are the agent that will sell their home, fast.

#4. Utilize ProspectNow

ProspectNow can help you land an expired listing because of the advantages it offers, such as putting online display ads directly in front of the most likely prospects and targeting directly to the most likely buyers.

ProspectNow will help you identify properties that are most likely to be listed for sale in the next 12 months before other agents do. This will help you locate expired listings and be proactive in trying to win the seller’s business. Start your free trial here.