4 Ways to Engage Your Sphere Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a slow time for real estate. Many people don’t want to buy or sell a home during the time due to the weather and of course the hustle and bustle of all of the holidays. While this may be a slower time for real estate transactions, you should still be engaging with your sphere over the holidays.

Here are four smart ways to engage with your real estate audience over the holidays.

Holiday-themed Open House

You still have a few listings to push through the holidays, so why not make them a little bit festive? Decorate with little touches of the holiday to bring warmth to the listing and give potential buyers an idea of how cozy this future home could be around the holidays. Don’t go too overboard but bring a little bit of seasonal spirit like strategically placed candles and maybe some quick and subtle Christmas lights. You can also light the fireplace and offer Christmas cookies and apple cider.

Give Back to the Community

As a real estate agent, you are well connected to your community. If you have specific cause you would like to volunteer for or give back to during the holidays, make it known and send out a quick email invitation to have your clients and leads join you. Write a quick blog post about the charity and link the blog post in the email invite. This is a great way for clients to get to know you better and drives traffic to your website.

Winter-Themed Content

The content you push out on your blog and on your social media channels can have a little winter twist to go along with the holidays. Give tips on how to decorate for the holidays, suggest local events for the community to attend, and showcase your listings with a unique holiday-themed social media campaign or email campaign. Use images in your marketing materials that feature homes decorated for the holidays, etc. to keep the merry vibe going.

Sponsor a Local Event

Another great way to engage with your sphere is to sponsor a local event like a holiday market or fun run or really any event that you can connect with your community and sphere. Be sure to look at all of the sponsor benefits and see which events will likely cater to your targeted audience. Can you showcase your real estate services in any way? Can you list your name and agency anywhere in the event’s marketing collateral? These are things to consider when trying to choose an event.

These tips can help you stay top of mind during the busy holiday season. Consumers can be focused on holiday traditions, gifts, and food, but you can also be on their mind if you sponsor local events, push out winter-themed content, give back to your community and even host holiday-themed open houses.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling in 2019

Cold calling is easily one of the most time consuming and stressful parts of working as a real estate agent. Maybe you feel you will encounter a gatekeeper or maybe you don’t think you have enough information to land a meeting – no matter the reason you are fearful of cold calling, there are ways to improve this sales tactic. The key thing to remember is that the call isn’t meant to close a sale, but rather establish a relationship with the client.

Here are five ways to improve your cold calling in 2019.

Just breathe

Don’t hold your breath while the phone is ringing. What is the worst that could happen? Get out of your own head and just relax. All you need to do on this phone call is to show that you know what you are doing and that you can help the client reach their real estate goals. Smile and keep a natural tone of voice. When you are relaxed, the client will be too.

Don’t Attempt to Close a Deal

The phone call is opening the door to closing a sale, but it isn’t the final stop. Use this conversation as a way to establish rapport and listen to what the client’s wants and needs are. Make notes so that you can follow up with the client and show that you are dedicated to helping them reach their goals.

Use Their Words

Use the same phrases and words they use on the call in your follow up. If they say they are looking for a deal, say you found a deal when you follow up. If they say they want listings in an excellent school district, tell them you have found multiple listings located within an excellent school district. Copying their words will help them trust that you are listening to what they want and applying this to your work.

Send Them What They Request

On the cold call, you should be asking what type of information they would like in order to assist in their home search. If they you want you to send them all of your listings or are looking for a specific home size or type, send them the info. Will they likely look through all of this? Probably not but don’t try to skimp on sending information simply because you don’t think all of it is necessary. You may rub them the wrong way if you don’t provide the information they are asking for. They may not know what they want, and this info can give them context to help them determine their wants and needs.

Follow Up on a Consistent Basis

One call or email isn’t enough of a follow up after a cold call. Frequently update and touch base with the person to build rapport and provide value to them. Be an agent who is consistent, but not pushy.

5 Ways to Keep Mid-Funnel Leads Engaged

It’s pretty frustrating when a lead is just…stuck. They aren’t a new lead, but they also aren’t taking any action either. So, what can you do to keep the lead engaged? There are a few approaches you can take to get these leads moving and active again. Here are five ways to keep mid-funnel leads engaged.

Initiate Contact

Once you have identified which leads are “stuck” you need to reconnect. A great way to do this is to use a targeted email campaign which only involves creating a quick email in your CRM and then scheduling it out and letting your automation system take over. The email can be as simple or detailed as you’d like and it is an easy way to reconnect and resuscitate these stagnant leads.

Utilize Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn can be an non-intrusive way to reconnect with leads. Send a quick link to an article you think they would appreciate to open up the line of communication again or even post to your account and stay active so that your posts are showing up in this prospect’s feed.

Don’t Spam

A successful rehabilitation of a mid-funnel lead does not include spamming them. Do not just send something irrelevant in order to get in front of them. Send this lead information you truly believe they will find useful and will appreciate. Spamming a lead is the quickest way to kill any chance of turning them into a client.

Determine What Leads are Worth Your Time

You won’t be able to revive all leads stuck in this mid-funnel. You need to decide which leads are truly dead and which ones are just in between. Be careful not to remove leads from your database that may come back in the future and eventually mean business, but also if you have not had a good line of communication thus far, it may be time to push these leads off your radar. Make sure to send quality leads regular updates and keep them in the loop on the market.

Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to reach out to an important lead that may just not be responding to email campaigns. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get that lead active again. Write a personal and original message that is unique to a specific need they have and suggest ways you can help them accomplish this goal. You can also remind them of your experience and direct them to your website or blog. This will get their attention quickly and will make them feel like a true priority.

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4 Qualities of an Epic CRE Drip Campaign

Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or an agent just starting out in the commercial real estate industry, an intriguing email drip campaign can help your CRE business grow steadily over time. You can keep repeat clients informed while also reaching out to leads and prospects.

Here are 4 qualities of an epic CRE drip campaign:

Be Genuine

The commercial real estate industry is driven by relationships and connections, both new connections and old ones. Make sure every email you send is genuine and personal. Reach out to your prospects and clients with an email drip campaign that is authentic and personalized so that you truly connect with your network. A great way to do this is to send the emails from your own personal name, and try to personalize every email’s message to cater to a specific client. People are much more receptive if they feel they are talking to an actual person

Go In Depth

Be as direct and in-depth with your email content as possible. No one wants to spend time investigating something that is not relevant to their wants or needs. Do not be vague in order to peak interest – this is a quick way to have people unsubscribe. If you have a property you are leasing space in, be sure to include the square footage and the location of the space.

Good Timing

Besides the content, one of the most important qualities of an epic CRE drip email campaign is strategic timing. A rule of thumb is to never send emails on Monday or Friday, because people are either getting ready for the workweek or are already in weekend mode. You have a much higher response rate on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Another popular trend with drip email campaigns is to send emails on the weekends or in the evenings, since there are less emails during this time, you have a higher open rate. Be mindful if you do choose this route, because some people find it inappropriate to send work related emails on the weekend.

Create Follow Up Messages

Don’t use a generic template email to send a follow up email. Personalize the content and refer to the recipient by name and be sure to mention any prior communication between the two of you. Send the follow up email in the same email thread as the original message as well so that the recipient can reference it.

Creating an epic CRE drip campaign that is successful and resonates with your prospects and clients isn’t hard – it just takes planning and creativity. Make sure you are targeting each specific client in every message to increase your response rate.

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3 Ways to Fill Up Your Pipeline This Winter

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about actionable ways to start filling your pipeline now. Historically, the real estate market begins to slow down in the wintertime, which is why it is crucial that you have a healthy pipeline full of quality leads. Here are three ways to fill up your pipeline this winter.

Utilize Technology

Tap into all of the benefits your blog and website can offer you. These two outlets can capture the attention of both your prospects and current clients. Use your blog and website to educate leads on how you can help them through the home buying and selling process. Through your blog and website you can capture contact information so you can continue to build communication and form a solid relationship. Once you capture the prospect’s contact information, you can then add them into your email contact list and send them your drip email campaigns, so that you are top of mind when they are ready to buy or sell.

You can also use ProspectNow’s software to put your online display ads directly in front of your most quality prospects. Your marketing will be targeted directly to the most likely sellers or buys as they browse the Internet looking for real estate.

Network Both Online and In Person

Network in person at events and also network online. Go to events in your area to network with prospects and other real estate agents to fill your pipeline. Network on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Establish a digital presence and really offer valuable insight to your followers – you never know who could be listening or observing your social media sites and some may even turn into clients.

Networking can benefit you in many ways:

  •      Generate referrals to grow your pipeline
  •      Establish yourself as a thought leader within the real estate industry
  •      Build your own personal brand

Reach Out to Old Contacts

Check your CRM and find out who you haven’t contacted within the last 90 days. Reach out to these clients and follow up with them to see if they have any real estate needs or if they have any referrals. Touch base by picking up the phone or send them an article you think they may be interested in. You never know which clients may be looking to sell their home or purchase a new home and you may be surprised at how many clients can give your referrals.

As the colder and slower months in the real estate market approach, it’s vital that you fill up your pipeline in order to increase sales and maintain a healthy bottom line for the upcoming winter season. By networking, utilizing technology such as ProspectNow and reaching out to contacts within your CRM, you can ensure your pipeline is full.

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3 Valuable Pieces of Information You Can Learn About Your Lead in 4-Minutes

Time is one of the most valuable resources and real estate agents certainly don’t want to waste precious time they could be spending closing more sales. The key to prospecting isn’t finding clients – it’s about finding the right type of clients. If you are looking to save time, take a look at these three valuable pieces of information you can learn about your lead in four minutes.


Think about how easy it is to start a conversation by talking about someone’s hometown or college they attended. If you can identify where a potential client is from or where they went to college, you can strike up a conversation by asking about their roots. You may have even grown up in the same city or have gone to the same college – all it takes is a quick search on Google where the search results will give you links to their social media, where people often list their hometowns and colleges.

Career Experience

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in a prospect’s title, don’t forget to also look at how long they have been in the role or in the industry they work in. This can help inform you on your outreach approach. If someone has maintained their position for a number of years and seems to have a company headed in a positive direction, you will want to approach them in a specific way.

If the person holds a high title, they likely have influence over the decision making for the business as well. On the other hand, if you are reaching out to someone who has jumped jobs or industries pretty frequently, you will want to approach this person in an entirely different manner. You can find this information within minutes on a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and if the person does not have a LinkedIn, the company’s website is another resource.


Do a quick search and find out if a prospect has a blog, if they speak at conferences, if they post on social media and what they post as well as their company bio. You can find out a lot about a person by doing some quick research. You can learn everything from their previous jobs to what they enjoy doing on the weekends and maybe even what bands they like. This will establish a strong connection and ignite conversations about things you know your prospect is interested in.

Every real estate agent is crunched for time, so don’t spend hours researching each prospect every single day. These three valuable pieces of information about your prospect can be found within minutes and can help kick start a conversation.

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Don’t Make These 3 Lead Nurture Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Lead nurturing is important to gain new clients. It takes effort and strategic planning to determine how to interact with a lead enough, but not too much that it feels overwhelming for them. According to research by Gleanster Research, 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy, which means lead nurturing is crucial to help move these 50% of leads through the sales cycle to make them prepared to make a purchasing decision.

Here are three lead nurture mistakes you should avoid.

Not Following Up

The biggest mistake you can make is not following up with a lead. Reach out to them via email and ask if they have any questions for you or if they need any more information. When a prospect inquires about working with you to buy or sell a home, you need to nurture this lead by following up from the initial conversation by checking in to see if they have questions or if they need more information to help. How do you expect to turn a lead into a client if you don’t maintain the relationship by following up with a simple call or email? Plan out follow-up contact to hold yourself accountable.

Not Providing Valuable Info  

Your prospects are looking to you as a resource for information on both the housing market and the neighborhoods they are interested in purchasing a home in. Make sure you aren’t sending correspondence that is solely centered around your business. Share market stats, relevant articles, social media posts or videos that your prospect may find interesting or helpful. Spend 30 minutes a day researching content to share with your prospects and it will prove to them that you truly care about their needs.

Bombarding Them With Too Much Info

It’s tough to find the perfect balance between too little info and too much info. Remember to keep things as concise and to the point as possible, without sounding like a robot. A great way to do this is to ask what other information the prospect would like to know about the process, or a neighborhood or a home at the end of the initial phone call so that when you give a follow-up, you can provide them with only the information they want and need. Try to keep emails and phone calls to a minimum of one per day. Also open up the floor for them to ask questions so that you aren’t bombarding them with info they don’t need.

Make sure that you are following through on every step of the sales process – from the initial contact with the lead to the follow-up and the post-sale meeting. You should work as your client’s real estate partner and should be with them every step of the way.

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Use These 5 Tips to Turn Website Visitors into Leads

Real estate agents are constantly searching for the next lead and because of this every real estate professional needs to maximize their online marketing by utilizing their website. Real Estate agents are always looking for new ways to turn website visitors into leads and then clients. Use these five tips to turn website visitors into leads.

Utilize Social Media

How you market yourself and your business via social media and email are directly linked to the conversion rate of your website. You can be producing and publishing top notch information on your website, but if people are not looking at your website, there is a slim chance you will generate any new leads from it. Create a solid digital presence on social media and email by posting links to your landing pages that feature listings, promotions and any other content that will help you close more deals.

Make Things Brighter

Your website needs to be up to date information wise and style wise. The more visually appealing your website is, the more likely you are to see engagement and to keep visitors intrigued and interested in what you have to offer. Make your color scheme eye-catching, but not overwhelming.

Make Your Contact Form Easy to Find and CTA Clear

There are a few ways you can improve both your CTA and your contact form. Limit the amount of information you need for the contact form. The less visitors have to fill out, the more likely they are to input the information because it won’t take up much of their time. Try to limit the contact form to only name and email. Data shows that having only three form fields increases the conversion rate by an average of 25%. Keep your call to action clear and concise if you want visitors to sign up for your newsletter or your email list. Be direct and make the next step very clear. Test out several different versions to find the right CTA for your real estate website.

Encourage Sign-Ups for Your Newsletter

Include a place to sign up for your newsletter on your website. Leads will enjoy having your current listings and other useful information sent directly to their inbox. The newsletter encourage traffic to your blog and website to further increase conversion rates.


It’s been proven that people are looking online more from their phone than on actual computers, meaning that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will significantly decrease your conversion ability, simply because visitors won’t be able to view the content correctly. You have a very minimal chance of gaining a new lead or client from your website if they cannot view it easily from their phone or tablet.

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Use These 5 Tricks for Finding Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn currently has over 465 million members, meaning there are 465 million potential leads and prospects for you to explore. Recently, Hubspot found that LinkedIn was more effective at generating business leads than both Facebook and Twitter.

Many real estate agents know the value of LinkedIn and how it can advance their business by presenting them ample potential prospects and detailed information on them. While a simple search is a great starting point to look for lead opportunities, there are also a few little-known ways to find new leads on LinkedIn.

Have an All-Star Profile

This may take some time and effort, but the work will certainly be rewarded. Fill out your LinkedIn profile as much as possible and keep your audience in mind when choosing your language and the pertinent details you include. Share what you specialize in, give a hint of personal info such as hobbies, etc., and make sure to showcase how you serve your clients and what you can offer them. You will also want a professional headshot and a headline that uses keywords that relate to real estate.

Kick Your Search Up a Notch

Utilize the Advanced Search option to find users based on specific keywords, industries, locations and more. You can find potential leads or referrals in your area and invite them to connect with just a simple note.

See Who’s Engaging

Keep a close watch on who’s commenting on your connections’ posts. Many of the people taking the time to interact with your clients and prospects, will be great leads – and they are clearly active on LinkedIn. A great way to introduce yourself to a potential lead who is engaging on social media, is to use their comments as a jumping-off point for an email. Praise their thoughts and offer your own perspective or share a relevant article and ask to exchange email addresses.

Reconnect With Old Contacts

LinkedIn is an ideal place to reconnect with old contacts, colleagues, friends and alumni. All of these contacts are searchable on LinkedIn if you do a simple search. Once you find these people, your network and your leads will be sure to grow. Many real estate agents use LinkedIn to find both new clients and reconnect with people from previous careers. These people can be a great source of referrals.

Utilize Recommendations

LinkedIn offers a built-in referral machine with the recommendations section. This is something that will showcase positive experiences clients have had with you and will help establish you as a leader in real estate. Make sure you control the tone of the recommendations by being very specific as to what you’d like included in the messaging. This will increase your chances of receiving many recommendations because it makes it easier for the author.

If you are going above and beyond for your clients, it will be easy to gain many recommendations to display on your LinkedIn page. Word of mouth referrals and recommendations are one of the most effective ways to gain new leads.

5 Old School Lead Qualifying Tactics that Still Work in a Digital World

Most real estate professionals don’t have time to chase leads that are going nowhere. But, how can you pre-qualify the lead to know if it’s worth your time? Nearly 70% of sales leads end up being trial balloons and not serious prospects.

That adds up to hours and hours of lost productivity chasing leads that turn into dead ends. You can vet your leads much better through old school lead qualifying tactics that still work in the digital world of today.

Lead Qualifying before the Internet

Before the internet, prospect mining was the top strategy for qualifying leads. You used certain statistics like profit margins and area development metrics to determine where to find quality leads.

But batting 30 out of one hundred was typical before the internet. You couldn’t afford to discard any leads for fear of losing a real prospect. Now however, you have access to much more information that combined with certain old school tactics can make those strategies extremely potent.

Today your lead qualifying tactics can be customized to precisely target your specific demographic. You no longer have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of unserious leads.  You can improve productivity and focus your time and energy on the kinds of quality leads that end in a signed contract.

5 Old School Lead Qualifying Tactics that Still Work

One way to make your tactics incredibly effective is to design your online marketing strategy to harness your leads based on these 5 lead qualifying tactics. Construct your website and link your social media platforms in a way that directs your quality leads along a path that ends in a deal.

The “BANT” Strategy

Before the internet, IBM branded a strategy for selecting the best leads out of thousands of queries called the BANT approach that still works in a digital world. Here’s how it applies to your lead qualifying strategy.

#1: Budget – Find out what kind of budget your prospect is working with before you begin pitching your services by creating a short multiple choice questionnaire on your online contact form that asks for a budget range.

#2: Authority – Who is the decision maker? Too much time is wasted working with someone who loves what you’re offering and after you’ve been hammering out details with them for weeks, their boss overrules them.

Find out who the decision maker is to direct your pitch at the right person before you waste your time by asking for position title on your online contact form.

#3: Need – Find out exactly what they want by asking them to select which of your services they are interested in when they fill out your contact form.

#4: Timeline – Many of your clients will want to know your track record for closing deals in an efficient manner. In your online marketing and advertising make sure to promote your timeliness or some other feature that makes you stand out.

Get the Answers First

Our last tip is not part of the BANT method but it is crucial to weeding out the non-productive leads. Get answers before you start pitching your strategy. You can use an e-mail campaign, your social media platforms, or your website blog or contact form to get the answers that you need to laser in on the leads that will turn into profits for you.