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15 Real Estate Prospecting Tips That Will Help Get You New Clients

We know you want to close real estate deals faster and at a higher price. You want to find homes for listing. But connecting with homeowners who are likely to sell seems like a mountain to climb. Real estate prospecting has never been straightforward, yet some of us excel in it. So, what are the secrets […]

Organize Your Real Estate Prospect List in 4 Steps

In real estate, a prospect list never rests. If you’re on your toes, that list is a live thing, evolving and shifting almost daily to reflect what’s going on in your work. Keeping your prospect list up to date will help you avoid missed opportunity, and the secret is organization. Taking the time to get […]

Five Best Practices for Real Estate Prospecting

Before you start strategizing your next prospecting plan, be sure to consider these five best practices for real estate prospecting. Your Rolodex will thank you. #1: Ask for Referrals Referrals are one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a sale because the referral already has trust in you due to your current […]