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What Is Virtual Real Estate in the Metaverse?

When you think of booming real estate markets in 2022, your list of locations probably includes cities like Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Nashville, Phoenix, and Atlanta. Those markets certainly have a lot to offer real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and investors interested in residential property. One of the hottest real estate markets isn’t in these or any […]

No Financing Required: Working with Cash Buyers for Real Estate

A cash buyer in real estate means less paperwork and faster closings. Agents consider these purchases highly desirable because they don’t require working with financing and the associated red tape. Acquiring a mortgage isn’t a simple process, and it’s certainly not a sure thing even after the sellers accept a bid. Cash buyers aren’t elusive […]

What is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

black and white image of small White House that is run down

Brokers and investors, and even newbie real estate agents, discover foreclosures all the time—but as a new agent, it’ll serve you well in the future to consider short sales. But what is a short sale in real estate? This type of transaction isn’t as easy to find as a foreclosure, but the reward is often […]

5 Residential Real Estate Blogs to Follow Today

The web is full of content that can help real estate agents up their game and close more sales. There are plenty of blogs to reference for real estate agents just starting out or in the prime of their careers. Let’s take a look at five residential real estate blogs to follows today. Bigger Pockets […]

5 Email Examples for Staying Top-of-Mind with Clients

Email marketing has been proven to attract prospects and keep real estate agents top-of-mind for both clients and prospects. It’s no surprise that people spend the majority of their workday checking and responding to emails, which is why having the perfect email campaigns to send will help you grow your client list and truly reach […]

Five Best Practices for Real Estate Prospecting

Before you start strategizing your next prospecting plan, be sure to consider these five best practices for real estate prospecting. Your Rolodex will thank you. #1: Ask for Referrals Referrals are one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a sale because the referral already has trust in you due to your current […]