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Frequently Asked Questions

ProspectNow analyzes thousands of properties that sell each week. Then we build a profile around the characteristics of the properties that sold. Then we simply apply this profile to properties that have yet to sell using a predictive model. This results in a list of properties with a much higher probability of being listed for sale.


ProspectNow can help you close more deals by providing you a list of properties that are more likely to be listed for sale or to refinance. It is unique in that ProspectNow combines property data, phone numbers and contact management software in a single tool to create the best property ownership database in the industry. Click here to see what you can do with ProspectNow


Any potential subscriber is encouraged to create a free account, which will provide access to property ownership lists in the county of their choice. This trial account will showcase the ProspectNow software and search tools, allowing you to see how many property type records are available within your marketplace. Building owner details, however, are only available to paying subscribers or you can also try our free 3 day trial which requires your credit card information. The system will not bill you for 3 days, and if you choose to cancel prior to the end of 3rd day, you will not be billed at all. Otherwise you will be billed every month. Thanks for trying us out!

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The ProspectNow database covers virtually all properties, including residential, retail, office and industrial property types. The database also contains 30 million business owners and tenants nationwide.

All property ownership information is public domain, and every county keeps a record of this information for every building within its parameters. The challenge many professionals face is that pieces of this information, such as a phone numbers, owner names behind LLCs, and tenants may not be provided in the county records. That’s where ProspectNow comes in. We do the research for you to find the phone numbers and other information that is absent from county records. The resulting property ownership lists are one of the most effective tools you can employ to get more listings.


ProspectNow is designed for commercial and residential real estate professionals. It’s the only product that integrates phone numbers, property and owner information, LLC data, tenants, and a contact manager into one system filtered by predictive analytics. You don’t have to search through multiple systems to fill in all the information you need on a property. Therefore, you can contact more owners in less time, resulting in more deals.


You can sign up online or by calling 888-956-9998. We accept all major credit cards.  

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